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Meech highlights trio of additions at NPE 2012

Since the last NPE in 2009 Meech International (booth 608) has enhanced its range of solutions in its three specialist product ranges — static control, air technology and web cleaning systems — and highlights three of the newcomers at NPE 2012.

994 Hydra — Miniaturised in-mold labelling
Meech’s latest high voltage generator, the 994 IML, works in conjunction with the company’s successful Meech Hydra, a miniaturised in-mold labelling (IML) pinning system specifically designed situations where small items are being molded. The 994 Hydra system overcomes many of the issues encountered with other commonly-used in-mold labelling technologies, significantly reducing purchase and running costs.
Meech has completely redesigned the static generator to create a simplified, lightweight model that generates the 20kV required for IML applications. The easy-to-fit 994 IML generator offers full remote control and reporting via the universal analogue facility, requires only a 24V supply and is light enough to be mounted on the end of arm tool, if required. The standard 994 Hydra system consists of resistively coupled distributors connected in parallel to the 994 IML generator. The distributors provide independent, spark-free operation of the pinning heads and have a mounting footprint of only 50 x 86 mm. The pinning heads are just 15 mm long x 5 mm diameter, making installation possible on the smallest label carriers.
Matt Fyffe, VP/General Manager of Meech Static Eliminators USA Inc, says the solution reflects Meech’s “decades of expertise in static control technology. We’ve called on our experience to develop a product that meets the requirements both of OEMs and end-users, many of whom are unhappy with the performance of current IML options on smaller containers and labels. The 994 Hydra system provides powerful, repeatable pinning with no degradation over time — indeed, the operational life is almost indefinite. Its design also allows OEMs to design and produce their own label carriers, at a greatly reduced cost compared to some other IML technologies.”

977CM — Precise static control with automated closed-loop feedback
Meech — a pioneer in Pulsed DC static control with over 4,500 systems in use worldwide —demonstrates the successful 977CM Pulsed DC controller, the first true closed-loop Pulsed DC static control system. Combining precise static control with advanced self-monitoring features, the 977CM features a fully automated closed-loop feedback system. A sensor bar detects residual voltages on web paths and rewinds, and communicates with the 977CM unit to tune its output to ensure the optimal charge neutralisation for the current operating conditions. When no further compensation is possible, adjustable alarms — both local audible and visible warnings and remote alarm signals — alert the operator to the need to clean the bars.
The 977CM is straightforward to install and can be quickly connected to existing Meech Pulsed DC static elimination systems. The easy-to-use keypad on the front of the unit enables the 977CM to be set up to maintain the optimum output of the ionising equipment, while a lock facility prevents unauthorised or accidental alteration of the desired settings. In addition, data can be collected and transmitted to allow remote monitoring and logging for quality assurance purposes.

TakClean™ — US debut for new web cleaning solution
TakClean™, Meech’s newest contact web cleaning system, makes its US debut following its launch in Europe last autumn. With the launch of TakClean™, Meech cements its position as the a leading supplier of web cleaning technologies, offering customers both contact and non-contact cleaners,
Designed directly in response to requests from existing Meech customers in the label and narrow web markets, TakClean™ provides excellent cleaning power, removing particles as small as 0.5 microns. Simple to install and with continuous cleaning capabilities, TakClean™ effectively cleans double-sided webs from 300-800 mm, at speeds up to 250 meters per minute.
The TakClean™ system features the specially-formulated ‘TransTak’ elastomer contact cleaning rollers and perforated adhesive rolls. During cleaning, the ‘TransTak’ elastomer rollers make contact with the web, lifting contamination from the product surface. Available in a variety of Shore A ratings, the cured silicone elastomer rollers are proven to have no ‘free chemistry’, guaranteeing that the cleaned surface remains trace free. Once the ‘TransTak’ rollers have lifted the particles, they are transferred, by contact, to the surface of the adhesive rolls, which feature a release coating to ensure easy unwinding. In addition, a high adhesive mass means TakClean™ can run for an extended period between material changes. When changes are required, 63 easily removed tear-of roll sections guarantee downtime is kept to a minimum and operator safety is optimised.
“The TakClean™ is exceptionally simple-to-use system,” says Matt Fyffe, “and suitable for use with most narrow web applications.. Like our other products, it is also waste-efficient, as the operator only needs to remove the contaminated length of adhesive roll on changeover.