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Sustainability: ProLiner PP30 recycled by a top Italian producer of liquid detergents

UPM Raflatac’s film release liner ProLiner PP30 challenges the conventional glassine backings with improved efficiency and profitability – and it’s also completely recyclable. SACIIndustrie Spa chose ProLiner PP30 for some of its product labelling, enjoying benefits in production efficiency and in the waste disposal of this polypropylene-based liner.



With a 60 million euro turnover, 150 employees and annual production of 90 million containers, SACI is one of the top three Italian producers of liquid detergents in both size and turnover. Explains Filippo Campanile, CEO of SACIIndustrie: “We invest huge resources in packaging planning – a strategic element in the success of a detergent. The packaging must be efficient from the production and logistical points of view, and must also be forward-looking in terms of eco-compatibility. In the planning phase, material savings and process optimization are a priority.”


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“We were delighted to adopt ProLiner PP30, since we have always been oriented towards sustainable packaging and environmentally sound processes. This material perfectly addresses our sustainability requirements,” adds Campanile.

Another benefit lies in the technical features: ProLiner is 50% thinner than siliconized paper, which means that for the same spool diameter it holds about 20% more labels, with a consequent saving on storage space, transport costs and machine downtime for spool replacement. Despite being thinner, ProLiner is also stronger and dramatically reduces machine downtime related to backing failure.


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Etiservice Pomezia, one of SACI Industrie’s partners, is a company specialized in the production of self-adhesive labels and coupons, headquartered in Pomezia near Rome. According to its owner Corrado Costantino, one of the features that enhance production with ProLiner PP30 is the increased frontal print capacity, as the film backing allows a more uniform adhesive profile. In addition, ProLiner PP30 requires less tension on-press, ensuring greater stability.



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