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Eclipse Film Technologies' Novel High-Shrink Polyolefin Films Deliver Major Yield Improvements and Enhanced Recyclability

Eclipse Film Technologies,
Hamilton, Ohio (, a leading film converter and
specialist in machine direction orientation, introduces high-shrink polyolefin label films delivering improved recyclability and yield. Ryan Breese, Eclipse Film Technologies’ technical director, will discuss the details of the new technology during his talk “Easily Recyclable High-Shrink Films for ROSO Label Applications” at the International Sleeve Label Conference & Exhibition 2012 April 18-19 at the Hyatt Regency Cincinnati in Cincinnati, Ohio (

The three-layer polyolefin shrink films – typically targeted for bottle
applications – are composed of linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) and TOPAS® cyclic olefin copolymer (COC) from TOPAS Advanced Polymers, Florence, Ky. They boast lower density than competing film materials like PETG, PS, and PVC along with high machine direction shrink of 40% to 60% at 100°C and 0% to 2% growth in the cross/transverse direction at 100°C. Another major advantage is enhanced recyclability because the lower density films are easily separated from PET bottles via standard water flotation recycling systems.

Eclipse’s new high-shrink films deliver a 30% to 40% yield improvement
over competing films. They also offer excellent clarity, good stiffness, and excellent web handling, according to Breese. Eclipse’s research identified TOPAS COC resin as a powerful enabling technology that enhances shrink and gloss while improving the sustainability of the total packaging system.

The new films also provide good ink adhesion and print registration for a
wide range of shrink labels for various bottle uses. They are commercially
available in various gauges up to 63 inches wide.

About Eclipse Film Technologies
Eclipse Film Technologies, with headquarters in Hamilton, Ohio, focuses solely on the machine direction orientation (MDO) of polymer films. The company sources quality film and sheet from the industry's leading extruders and performs MDO techniques to provide film with unique properties. Eclipse provides a variety of tailored films that meet the varied needs of the marketplace. The flexibility of the process is unprecedented in the industry, providing innovative products that have been previously unavailable to the packaging industry. For more information visit