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Esko digital flexo program at drupa 2012 confirms continued innovation and leadership

At drupa 2012, Esko ( reinforces its leadership in digital flexo platemaking technology. On display at the Esko stand - located in Hall 8b, stand A23 - will be the CDI Spark 4835 Auto with unique digital Inline UV 2 exposure along with the CDI Spark 2530 with Inline UV and magnetic drum. Visitors can also learn more about Esko's latest HD Flexo technology and Inline UV2 exposure unit as well as its integrated flexo prepress workflow solutions.

"We're excited to have drupa as the platform for our newest digital flexo solutions. Flexo print service providers will learn how our solutions produce plates at a previously unseen high quality in flexo printing with bright and vivid colors, sharp details and smooth vignettes while guaranteeing consistent and reliable reproduction of brand colors," says Jürgen Andresen, Vice President Flexo Business at Esko.

HD Flexo for outstanding flexo print quality

Combining CDI digital flexo imagers with HD Flexo technology, Esko has driven flexo printing to a new quality benchmark comparable to gravure and offset, delivering customers the high quality print results they demand. Worldwide, hundreds of HD Flexo certified customers, digital flexo partners and vendors benefit from accurate sharp imaging quality combined with greater consistency and full tonal range. Andresen states: “HD Flexo Certification is not only a qualification process, but also an improvement process supported by Esko’s vast expertise in the field of flexo platemaking. With this positive adoption, the industry reaffirmed the importance of quality improvement and print standardization.”

Automate and integrate to cut costs

Esko's solutions create value for converters and trade shops with a highly automated flexo platemaking process integrated with the prepress workflow. This helps flexo professionals to speed up production and to drive down costs. Key enabling elements include the JDF connection to the Automation Engine (prepress workflow integration), that communicates plate production data to and from production workflow and ERP systems. With solutions for label printers and corrugated box converters,Digital Flexo Suite automates and improves various plate preparation activities in the flexo plate room and reduces plate waste by at least 15%. This high level of integration and automation serves the needs of an industry that is challenged to produce packaging cheaper, faster, better and greener.

Professional Partnerships

Since introducing the world's first digital imager for flexo plates at drupa 1995, Esko continues to bring innovative developments in close cooperation with flexo partner DuPont. This drupa, DuPont (Hall 8 Stand C24) will feature a range of Esko solutions, including the CDI Advance Cantilever 1450, Optics 40, HD Flexo, Inline UV2, and Drum sleeve (in combination with DuPont Cyrel ITR). Visitors to the Esko and DuPont stands in hall 8b will see examples of award-winning flexo printed packaging, results achieved thanks to the close partnership of these innovators of digital flexo.

Introducing Pixel+

Pushing the partnership model further, Esko releases Pixel+ at drupa. Pixel+ is an optical, electronic and screening enhancement for HD Flexo imaging to support flat top dots creation, a solution for those customers that use partner technologies for the oxygen-free curing of imaged plates. The benefit lies in the combination of Esko HD Flexo screening and flat top dots support for DigiCorr, DigiFlow, Lux and Next, the flat top dot solutions of other digital flexo plate vendors.

Each partner workflow will have its own settings and screens in order to obtain the best result. Pixel+ is an Esko product, workflow support will be delivered by each respective plate manufacturer.

Esko CDI combines digital main and back exposure in one device

The CDI Spark 4835 Auto on display at drupa combines plate imaging with inline digital main and back exposure in one and the same device. Smart automation for loading and unloading the plate makes the CDI a true "plate factory" with unattended operation and less manual intervention leading to increased productivity and reduced production risks.



The digital UV back exposure completes Esko’s concept of a fully digital UV curing environment. The curing is achieved through digital UV diodes similar to the existing Inline UV technology.

It is known that the “floor height” has an essential influence on the flexo print quality. Today’s conventional UV-frames cope with UV output fluctuation. By digitizing back exposure, Esko brings a fully controlled exposure process. The technology delivers consistent and predictable floor height which results in a notable increase in print quality and stability.

World premiere preview of next generation flexo plate imaging technology

Loyal to its role of innovator, Esko will preview the next generation of HD Flexo plate imaging technology at drupa 2012. In the quest for quality, the combination of smooth highlight printing and gravure-like solid ink densities for flexible packaging has remained a difficult combination. With digital main exposure built into the CDI imager (Inline UV2) in combination with innovative imaging and screening technology, Esko is now able to control the shape of different dot structures in one single plate.

The result will be a superior flexo plate suitable for the highlight ànd the shadow or solid areas of a print job. “We want to go beyond the binary discussion of flat top dots or round top dots, and create the best possible combination of print dot structures on a single plate. At drupa, we will show imaged plates and printed samples to illustrate this technological breakthrough. For every flexible packaging professional this is an absolute “must-see” at drupa 2012.” states Andresen.