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Inland Label and CBW Automation Demonstrate Roll-Fed IML Capabilities at This Year’s NPE Show

Inland Label, together with CBW Automation, will be demonstrating their Roll-Fed Injection In-Mold Labeling capabilities and their potential anti-counterfeit properties for use in the pharmaceutical market at this year’s NPE show in CBW’s booth #3169.

By combining their IML expertise with CBW Automation’s knowledge, Inland Label has created an entirely new label technology perfect for high volume, low SKU products. Roll-Fed IML provides the same photo quality graphics and ultimate durability as traditional IML, but can offer up to 30% in cost savings for the right application.

This cost savings comes from the fact that Roll-Fed IML is supplied to the molder in roll form. Unlike traditional cut and stack IML, these labels are cut in place on the production line prior to being placed in the mold. Because of this, thinner gauge films can be used which reduces the amount of raw materials needed and given that the labels aren’t cut prior to being sent to the molder there is reduced manufacturing costs as well. Additionally, providing these labels in roll form allows IML to be used for very large and very small products that traditionally couldn’t utilize IML technology.

Roll-fed IML technology offers benefits to a wide variety of potential products and markets that can gain from this labeling technique. Features such as utilizing special inks and coatings that can only be revealed under a black light and coding each label with a unique number make roll-fed IML an attractive label alternative to methods currently used in all markets. As with traditional IML, roll-fed injection in-mold labels permanently fuse to the container during the molding process providing brand owners with lasting high quality graphics and durable packaging to maximize their branding efforts.

Through the collaboration of TechMold Inc., a designer and manufacturer of high-cavitation molds, CBW Automation and Inland label, the unique features of in-mold labeling is being offered as an effective anti-counterfeiting solution for prefillable syringe barrels in the pharmaceutical industry. These highly engineered labels provide exciting technologies that offer numerous benefits to pharmaceutical brand owners concerned with protecting their product integrity. This advanced technology can be seen in action at CBW Automation’s booth #3169 at this year’s NPE Show April 1-5 in Orlando, Florida.

About Inland Label:
Inland Label is one of the largest privately owned label suppliers in North America, producing over 23 billion labels annually for customers worldwide. Inland has over 65 years of experience producing high

quality labels for brand leaders in the beverage, food and consumer products markets. The company’s product offering includes Cut and Stack, Injection In-Mold, Pressure Sensitive, Blow Mold and Roll-Fed labels. For more information about Inland Label, please visit