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Nestle Chocolate Promotion Tastes Sweet with Payne Tape

Payne’s Supastrip VDP tear tape has been used by Nestlé to deliver a unique number on-pack promotion for Mexico’s leading chocolate bar brand.

pa2011.040_Nestle_Carlos_V_pic The three-month promotion for Nestlé’s Carlos V© brand was carried on 53 million chocolate bars and centred on helping the brand’s famous ‘King Carlos V’ character find his ‘lost’ crown.

Each bar featured a special 3mm tape which provided consumers with a unique code, printed in a high-contrast black text on a yellow background design. The tapes were applied to the inside of the wrapper, to be viewed after opening, combining a sense of anticipation and excitement with convenient easy opening.

Customers registered the code by SMS or online to earn ‘chocolate money’, which could then be ‘spent’ on prizes ranging from ringtones and online games to games consoles, bicycles, mobile phones, TVs and tablet computers.

Aura Sanchez, Carlos V© brand manager from Nestlé Mexico, confirms: “We are seeing record breaking results from the Carlos V© campaign with all targets being broken. As the code is on the Payne tape, the promotion is placed directly into the consumer’s hands at the time of opening, making it easy to find and contributing towards the success of this campaign.

“As well as being an ideal way to deliver the promotion, the printed tape from Payne has helped us further drive brand loyalty.”      

Payne’s Supastrip VDP (variable data print) uses the latest digital print technology to create colourful, eye-catching designs and this promotion marks the first time Payne’s Supastrip VDP tape has been used on a flow-wrapped chocolate bar.

Tadeu Margaria, General Manager – Latin America for Payne, explains: “Payne’s printed message and tear tape solutions offer unrivalled opportunities to combine enhanced branding and communication with ease of use.

“The tear tape not only provides easy opening and tamper evidence, but also ensures the code is at the consumer’s fingertips for entering promotions, providing a valuable tool for brands to engage with their consumers.”                                    

Payne tape can be applied without affecting production line speed and can be run across multiple stock-keeping units (SKUs). In this case, five different SKUs under the Carlos V© brand were included in the promotion.

“We are extremely pleased to have been able to provide Nestlé with a solution for this exciting promotion” Margaria concludes. “We look forward to discussing further projects with Nestlé in the future”.