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POLAR will present itself at the drupa 2012 with many innovations...

Hosting its own stand of almost 860 m² for the first time, POLAR's booth (No. 2 A01) is very centrally located directly next to the passage between Hall 1 and Hall 2. POLAR will present a total of ten systems, eight stand-alone machines and focus on the issue of networking.
Under the motto "POLAR - the PACEmakers" the Hofheim-based company is yet again setting benchmarks in automation, responding to important trends and revealing once more its market and technology leadership.

The main highlight will be the new high-speed cutter generation "N" with its three different models. In the generation "N" POLAR has combined productivity, easy handling, top networking capability and a multitude of options in the most innovative way.
The commercial printing solutions which will be on display will include everything from large size 7S to small formats (26 x 38 cm). Apart from various stand-alone machines, POLAR will also be exhibiting cutting and jogging systems in which some of the processes are fully-automatic. In view of rising labor costs and high competitive pressure automation is certainly a major topic for many markets. Therefore, POLAR will focus on this subject in the presentations taking place several times a day.

For label production, various systems, as well as a stand-alone machine will be on display. To demonstrate what can be achieved with the new options and developments of the POLAR LabelSystems, most of the systems will be producing live.
The new, highly interesting product family for digital printers and print-on-demand is also sure to attract a lot of attention with two completely new machines and many new additions and features.
Let our new machine generation, the numerous new features and options, as well as our response to the latest trends surprise you.
Here is a short overview of our exhibits.
All high-speed cutters are part of the new machine generation "N"

  • Cutting Machine POLAR 56 NET *NEW*
  • Cutting Machine POLAR 66 NET *NEW*
  • Cutting Machine POLAR 80 ECO *NEW*
  • POLAR Three-Knife Trimmer BC 330 *NEW*
  • High-speed cutter POLAR N 78 PLUS
  • POLAR Cutting System L-R-92-L with hold-down clamp in front of knife *NEW*
  • High-speed cutter POLAR N 115 PRO with TwinClamp
  • POLAR Cutting System L-R-137-T with OptiClamp, CutManager and online connection to the scale *NEW* (Automatic Jogger with FlexStab *NEW* to stabilize paper sheets)
  • POLAR Cutting System L-R-137-T PACE (Unloading Transomat with Optical Pallet Pointer *NEW*)
  • POLAR Cutting System T-L-R-137-T, especially for paper dealers
  • Automatic Autojog AJ-T Jogging System for large size 7S
  • POLAR Jogging Station L-R-P with new counting scale
  • POLAR DC-M Stand-Alone Die-Cutter
  • POLAR LabelSystem DC-11 providing a much higher productivity
  • POLAR LabelSystem DCC-10 for counter-pressure die-cutting machines with new loading concept
  • POLAR LabelSystem SC-10 with the new automatic air-board removal and manual multistation banding machine BM-105 *NEW*
  • POLAR LabelSystem SC-25 with log banding *NEW*
  • POLAR Pile Turner PW-4 ABV
  • POLAR Pile Turner PW-1
  • Networking via P-Net with Compucut ® 5.0 *NEW*, Barcode-Scanner and CutManager

In Hall 2, at Function Control's booth B19 POLAR will be exhibiting the PickStack restacking station.
Furthermore, you can see a POLAR 80 NET *NEW* cutting machine at Heidelberger Druck's booth in Hall 1.