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Economical vehicle management with the ((rfid))-Document Label by Schreiner PrinTrust

For fast and reliable driver’s license checks, Schreiner PrinTrust has now developed the ((rfid))-Document Label. The RFID label is applied to the driver’s license with key data encrypted for contactless reading. The label simplifies and enhances the security of administrative processes for vehicle fleet management and car sharing systems, for example. Additionally integrated security features provide protection against counterfeiting.




The ((rfid))-Document Label by Schreiner PrinTrust is subsequently applied to existing ID documents such as driver’s licenses or membership cards. Data such as the validity of the document and user ID can be stored on the RFID tag for fast and decentralized checks after application of the label.

The rugged product composition of the ((rfid))-Document Label guarantees long life as the size and technical properties are customized to the particular application. Customers have a free choice of printing and design options and the adhesive is adapted to the substrate to ensure reliable adhesion. The integration of counterfeit protection features counteracts tampering attempts. Security cuts, for example, prevent the complete and thus undected detachment of the ((rfid))-Document Label. Optical serialization using human-readable text, barcodes and DataMatrix codes is available as well.