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B Graphic International GmbH has supplied a third flytec label inspection rewinding system to Moenchengladbach based printers, Baehren Druck (Wilhelm Baehren GmbH & Co KG). The flytec 150 model supplied features bi-directional rewinding to ensure all labels are inspected and error free and allow continuous printing. The flytec 150 will be used for 100% print face inspection of pharmaceutical labels at speeds up to 150mt/min.

12_mar_abgbahren Designed for 200mm maximum web widths, the specification supplied includes inside/outside forward and backward winding modes, constant web tension, web break control and web length, roll diameter and label counting. Equipped with PC controlled fleyeVision print face inspection camera the system offers grey scale line scanning at 2048 pixel resolution and minimum defect detection across the web of 0.15 square mm. (black dot on white background). Commenting on the purchase, Svend Herder, head of production planning at Baehren Druck said, "We already had two flytec 2000 inspection rewinding machines and when the need arose to replace an older rewinder, we immediately contacted AB Graphic International. The new flytec is ideal for our requirements with an excellent price to specification ratio. Our previous experience with the performance of our existing flytec machines and the fact that we would be getting a relatively local, fast and efficient package of machine and technical service was a key factor in the purchasing decision."
"The flytec 150 is a one stop solution for 100% web inspection, suitable for final checking of the print face before delivery." says Christer Markgraf of AB Graphic international. "The web is inspected and when an error is detected, it is rewound back to the splicing table in front of the camera where the faulty label can be replaced or removed. Once the correction has been made, the web is re-inspected ensuring 100% inspection."

"We specialise in the production of high value secondary packaging materials and offer a wide variety of labels for the pharmaceutical industry," adds Walter Baehren, CEO at Baehren Druck. "86% of our turnover is in this industry so we need optimum print face inspection so that we can guarantee the stringent levels of product security demanded by this market and trouble free, onward label application. The flytec 150 has also significantly increased our flexibility on shorter print runs. We no longer have to interrupt long run jobs being processed on our larger flytec 2000 machines to meet the demand for an urgent short run job order as these can be processed on the new machine. We also save more time than we had initially expected."

The addition of an optional fleyeVision barcode control system on the Baehren Druck system permits reading and content checking of static or dynamic bar codes on labels and packaging and identification of any errors, as wrongly or poorly printed or missing barcodes. The system is capable of reading single and two dimensional bar codes and is designed to process almost all existing bar code specifications including BC412, EAN 8, inter-leaved 2/5, pharmacode and datamatrix code. It is also possible to compare information identified as barcode, against "clear" alphanumeric codes stored as EXCEL files in the fleyeVision software.

"Our operators are very happy with the new machine and the fact that they were already familiar with the flytec software and equipment considerably reduced the learning curve," concludes Herder. "The machine is simple to operate and the people at AB Graphic International are always ready to offer any support or solutions to assist individual needs."

Founded in 1933, Baehren Druck specialise in labels and packaging for the pharmaceutical industry. The company also offers a wide range of products using the digital, flexo, screen or offset printing processes on paper, films and board. Various functional and decorative options are available including hot foil stamping, embossing, printing of holograms, Braille and even personalised labels or printing with coin-reactive colours. A full range of package inserts is also offered by Baehren Druck: from simple folded ones up to outserts and inserts, sealed with glue or a transparent closing label. Employing 85 personnel, Baehren Druck offers to its clients, to order products made from FSC certified materials or manufactured in a climate neutral printing process. Baehren Druck is certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2008 and HACCP and follows GMP´s guidelines and recommendations.
A long established manufacturer of label converting systems, AB Graphic International operates on a world-wide basis from its UK headquarters in Bridlington, East Yorkshire. The company is well placed to provide full sales and support globally through a network of established distributors and its facilities in the USA, France, Germany, Spain, and The Netherlands.