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Xeikon offers a glimpse at the future of printing at drupa 2012

At drupa 2012, Xeikon will offer the world a sneak preview of the technology the company is currently developing to revolutionize the print industry. Branded “Quantum”, the new technology combines the best of two worlds: electrophotography & inkjet. The revolutionary technology
will enable printing at high speeds as well as lower costs, while maintaining the highest level of image quality and eco-sustainability. Moving forward, this will be the technology platform based on which Xeikon will develop all its future product lines for document printing. For printers, this translates into no longer having to compromise between image quality and productivity/cost.

Xeikon is acknowledged as an innovator in the printing industry. The company was the first to bring
production digital color printing to market, the first to offer high resolution imaging (1200 dpi), the first to offer
50 cm (19.7 inch) web width (B2 format) and the first to offer the benefits of full rotary technology. Xeikon was
also the first company to develop dedicated, application specific toners. With Quantum technology, Xeikon
continues this innovation process – driven by the needs of its customers and a deep understanding of what
they truly value.

No need to compromise between image quality, productivity, cost and sustainability
For the last few years, the conventional wisdom has been that printers choose electrophotographic (EP)
presses for high quality and inkjet for high speed and lower costs. Xeikon’s Quantum technology changes
this thinking as it utilizes the best of both and closes the gap between speed/cost and quality. As it is toner
based and waterless non-Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) technology, it will also enable printing on
untreated substrates. Moreover, it is fully compatible with the existing paper recycling technologies and has
the potential to become fully sustainable from a toner composition perspective.

“Some people may ask why we chose this technology,” comments Wim Maes, CEO of Xeikon. “During the
past couple of years, we studied the market and its evolution closely. Print quality is king at Xeikon. Our
conclusion was that customers were making compromises on quality to achieve lower costs and higher
volumes by using inkjet technology. With Quantum, we can deliver on all these objectives. It is a new
printing technology capable of running at high speeds and producing high quality output at much lower
costs. Recyclability of the printed material and the potential of making it fully sustainable are achievable with
Quantum as well,” adds Maes.

Xeikon owns full IP
Quantum technology is based on a technology that Xeikon acquired. Xeikon now owns the full intellectual
property rights of this acquired technology. Before Xeikon acquired this technology, significant development
time and capital had already been invested in it to make it ready for implementation in a printing press,
however it took Xeikon to make it a reality.


Document printing to use Quantum technology
With more than 20 years of experience, and a vast knowledge in paper handling, electrophotography,
material handling and toner development Xeikon is uniquely suited to bring this new technology to market.

Quantum technology will be integrated into a new product line targeting the document printing industry.
Xeikon has a program ready for existing users to become the first to transition to this new technology, while
protecting their initial investments in current Xeikon technology.