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Actega develops ACTESeal HM-050

ACTEGA Rhenania GmbH, Germany, specialist in heat seal coatings and enamels, offers a wide range of pvc-free heat seal coatings. Now the company has also further developed its range of classical pvc-containing heat seal coatings, as a wide range of customers has expressed a need for it since not all markets require pvc-free systems.


The newly introduced product ACTESeal HM-050 shows the following characteristics: Improved corrosion resistance when in contact with acidic filling goods, lower coatweight and higher solid content (cost advantage) at lower viscosity (lower consumption in solvents) and an enhanced machinability.

The main application field for this heat seal lacquer is aluminium lids for the dairy industry. ACTESeal HM-050 seals against PS, PVC, PET and PLA and has been successfully introduced into the flexible packaging market.