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Arca Automation unveils New Print & Apply Labeling Machinery

Arca Automation is pleased to introduce the EasyLiner Print & Apply Labeling System. The EasyLiner is a lower cost option to our LinerPlus and LINERLESS Print & Apply Labeling Systems and is designed for applications that do not require high speed or LINERLESS capabilities. Demand from our customers has driven this simple and lower cost machine and we’ve already experienced success having sold numerous machines to excited customers across the United States.



The robust EasyLiner is a compact machine that is based off Arca Automation’s very successful Easy Label Applicator. It features the proven Sato LT408 digital print module and can be equipped with two applicator options; a Tamp Applicator or the EASYJET blow applicator. Its small footprint makes it perfect for applications with limited available space and it is suitable for all industrial settings.