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Brisk Iced Tea Hopes Label Finds Success Using the 'Force'

Brands are finding success through partnering popular cultural icons from movies, music and books with their products to reach consumers who already have established relationships with these icons.


U.S.  beverage maker Brisk Iced Tea recently unveiled its new, limited-time one liter bottle of iced tea.  The label celebrates the new Kinect Star Wars game, which is available for the Xbox 360, Labels and Labeling reports.  The label also features a scannable Microsoft tag that allows users to unlock new information about the Xbox game.


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The new bottle has a gold cap and a label featuring iconic Star Wars characters such as R2-D2 and C-3PO, the website writes.  Once users scan the M-Tag, they will be able to race with Anakin's Podracer on the new Xbox game.


"To expand upon our successful partnership with Star Wars, Brisk will offer artist-designed packaging that features innovative on-pack technology to deliver exclusive content to a passionate fanbase," said Eric Fuller, brand director of Brisk Iced Tea, according to the website.

This is the first major deployment of M-Tags for Microsoft, USA Today writes, and it could potentially be a lucrative one.  The source writes that the typical Brisk buyer is 77 percent more likely to spend 20 or more hours per week playing video games.