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Chesapeake Adopts High Level Speedmaster XL 105 Technology in Bornem

By the time drupa starts in May 2012, Chesapeake Bornem will have fully commissioned its new press, a Speedmaster XL 105-4-P+L. The four-color perfecting press will use the coating unit as a dedicated inline die-cutter. Serving the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, this press is ideal for the full range of leaflets and booklets the site produces. "About 80 percent of the pharmaceutical work we handle is one back one, 15 percent two back two and a very small percentage full process color," says Anthony Vandamme, the print manager at Chesapeake Bornem.

Replacing a rival machine, the new press will run alongside the company's extensive range of letterpress, narrow web and digital printing machines. The average litho order is about 10,000, so having slick makeready as well as speed matters.




CutStar allows the use of inexpensive reel stock rather than more costly sheeted stock
The Speedmaster XL 105 has been specified with a CutStar reel to sheet device. The plant will stock reels in three lightweight grammages. These are quickly and easily interchanged. Buying paper in reels is economic and so too is being able to cut paper to the exact length of each job. That has clear waste and environmental benefits, too. But Anthony Vandamme cites some other advantages. The paper transport is easier reel to sheet with thin papers and it completely eliminates any potential risk of double sheet feeds. Chesapeake Bornem has also opted for Prinect Axis Control, a spectral colour measurement device that is able to measure and store Pantone colours which is ideal for customers keen to ensure their brand is reproduced accurately, maximising end user recognition and appeal.



Operators at the site welcome the investment and are especially impressed by the big wall screen that will give them clear visuals of production activity and data. They will be trained to run this new technology during the commissioning phase this month.
"Heidelberg has performed well. Everything has run to schedule and been well planned. We look forward to showcasing this latest technology which is part of Chesapeake's unrivalled investment program which will exceed Euro 30 million this year," says Anthony Vandamme.


Chesapeake, expert in world-class pharmaceutical packaging, operates more than 20 strategically located manufacturing facilities in the US, Europe and Asia. The company consistently supplies the majority of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies as well as many more specialist niche businesses.
Chesapeake is committed to environmental protection - all sites meet local legislative standards and each operation has implemented an energy management programme. What's more, Chesapeake continues to reduce all process waste and maximizes reuse and recycling. Paperboard products are specified from managed, replenishable forestry resources or from recycled fibre. In addition, Chesapeake has completed a program to certify all of its European sites to FSC© and PEFC Chain of Custody standards.