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FLEXcon Announces UL Recognized DigiPRO® HP Indigo Product Line

FLEXcon, a leading manufacturer of pressure-sensitive films, today announced the availability of its Underwriters Laboratory (UL) recognized DigiPRO® HP Indigo compatible durable labeling products, for the HP Indigo 4500 and 6000 presses. Label converters can now speed time to market, reduce the costs associated with end product certification and assure quality results by leveraging FLEXcon’s pre-tested product line.

HP Indigo presses are known for photo quality printing which is ideal for high-end labels, especially brand identification, however HP Indigo inks are not known for durability. Because HP Indigo is a digital technology, it is ideal for variable printing such as serial numbers and barcodes. With UL recognition of HP Indigo inks with FLEXcon substrates, FLEXcon customers can now take advantage of UL’s simplified product adoption process and combine both static and variable information printing. FLEXcon’s overlaminate technologies offer the durability required for UL-compliant labeling applications such as brand identification, warning and compliance labels for outdoor power equipment, power tools, automotive, appliances and other devices.

“FLEXcon is pleased to announce that four of our DigiPRO® HP Indigo compatible durable labeling products are now UL recognized. We have worked to address the desires of our customers, while providing a compliant and safe product,” said John Bennett, Vice President of Product Identification, FLEXcon. “By using our UL recognized products, label converters reduce the risks of delays to market and can lower the costs associated with end product certification. FLEXcon is proud to offer its customers the quality and expertise needed to produce top of the line products.”

UL is the oldest and largest recognized testing laboratory in America and offers consumers the confidence in continuous product compliance when making their purchases. All manufacturers submit their products to UL for safety certification and testing on a voluntary basis. In addition to evaluating the product itself, UL also assesses the properties of its crucial components. Certification allows manufacturers to benefit from an increased level of safety in the design of the end product, reduced design costs, reduced time to market and enhanced supply chain management.

FLEXcon’s products UL-recognized under PGGU2 when overlaminated with either DPM® CG or DPM® UVCG, include:

· DigiPRO DGPC – clear polyester, high-performance permanent adhesive, roll liner

· DigiPRO DGPW – white polyester, high-performance permanent adhesive, roll liner

· DigiPRO DGSM – silver matte polyester, high-performance permanent adhesive, roll liner

· DigiPRO DGFW – flexible white vinyl, high-performance permanent adhesive, roll liner

For a complete listing of FLEXcon’s HP Indigo compatible products, please visit

About FLEXcon
FLEXcon is an innovator in adhesive coating, laminating and finishing of durable materials used in graphics applications, electronics and new products.  Through a culture of curiosity, flexibility and a drive for excellence, FLEXcon is the trusted partner to a wide range of companies from printers and fabricators to engineers and designers developing products for existing and emerging markets. Headquartered in Spencer, Mass. the company has operations throughout North America and Europe with distribution worldwide. For more information, visit