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Comexi Group is committed to leading the flexible packaging converting industry into a sustainable and environmentally friendly setting. 

Sustainable innovation is the goal that leads Comexi Group to a new vision of the packaging industry which is deeply rooted in efficient production and high quality throughout the entire converting process.

At Drupa, Comexi Group along with their partner BASF will present the COMEXI FLEXO F2 press, which demonstrates what real quality printing and innovation are all about and indentifies the meaning of efficiency in sustainable flexible packaging printing around the globe. This new press comes with COMEXI Cingular modules for managing pressure adjustments and registrations while significantly reducing waste. Furthermore, important advantages such as accessibility, easy maintenance and energy savings are also keys to sustainable printing. In line with this message, we will introduce the latest technology in water-based inks with BASF resins. These inks offer improved sustainability and reduced cost in use while maintaining a high level of printability and print quality. A demonstration will be given in a fully compostable package: BASF Ecovio® substrate, Premo®Film SXS certified inks from FLINT, printed on the COMEXI FLEXO F2 press and laminated on a COMEXI NEXUS EVO with Epotal® ECO compostable water based adhesive also from BASF. Our partners in flexo water-based inks FLINT, Actega-ColorChemie and Chimigraf will be present at the Comexi Group stand to provide any kind of information you may need about their products.

Additionally, this press will feature an automatic reel unloading system designed by COMEXI ENVIROXI, our product line dedicated to developing solutions for logistical management in production plants and reducing environmental impact in the graphics industry.

Of course, Comexi Group once again offers innovations aimed at setting a new standard for printing in flexible packaging. The COMEXI OFFSET CI8 press is a new product based on an arrangement of up to 8 printing decks around a central drum (CI). These could be up to 8 offset EB print decks, or the first and/or last deck can be a flexo deck for applying background colors or varnishes. The COMEXI OFFSET CI8 does not make use of any solvent based inks. This new product is aimed at flexible packaging, i.e. the printing of plastic materials such as low caliber PE, BOPP and PET. All this reveals the core of Comexi Group’s strategic principles: The reduction of costs per square meter printed, capacity to produce offset plates in the same plant in a matter of minutes, reduction of environmental impact thanks to the EB offset solvent-less inks, greater line screen and an amazing printing quality (in highlights, fine screens, micro text), and finally greater energy efficiency. Our partners Heidelberg and Wikoff will support us in offset technologies.

Comexi Group will not pass up the opportunity that Drupa provides to demonstrate their global range of solutions for the industry. Therefore, the slitting and rewinding unit COMEXI PROSLIT will show how the new S-TURRET model works. This slitter-rewinder opens up a new market for COMEXI PROSLIT as it is aimed at slitting rigid and semi-rigid materials, such as paper and self-adhesive material along with flexible materials such as BOPP. This machine supports reels with widths between 1,400mm (55.1’’) and 2,200mm (86.6’’) and a diameter of 1,500mm (59’’). The reels are rewound in a single turret shaft and have rewind diameters of up to 1,000mm (39.3’’). The maximum speed is 600mpm (1,968 fpm).
However, that’s not all. Comexi ACOM will be present with a demo unit for the new technology in rotogravure printing. This unit features the latest electronic innovations, such as Siemens Sinamics Simotion with built-in controls into the Comexi ACOM software. All of these features are aimed at improving registration control during transition and start-up phases, minimizing waste and stabilizing quality to perfection during the printing process.

The new solutions for drying units offer better performance as well as full accessibility and ergonomics for tool-less cleaning and maintenance. In addition to the new drying units, new technology in ventilation has been applied to our rotogravure lines to drastically increase energy efficiency. 

Machines can be equipped with an efficient, robotized and automatic system for reel management that is entirely designed and patented by COMEXI ACOM. 
As for COMEXI NEXUS, they will be presenting the new NEXUS Optima 450 laminator. A demonstration will be given at the Comexi Group stand of the new Nexus OPTIMA drying module equipped with rotogravure trolley and closed chamber doctor blade and self-cleaning system. 
Customers will be able to witness the latest drying technology in action such as greater blowing power and a greater capacity for turbulence which facilitates the evaporation of solvents/water. And if we add a recirculation system, we are left with great savings in energy consumption. 

The new rotogravure trolley is an example of the commitment of COMEXI NEXUS to reducing solvent emissions and increasing productivity. With an in-built cleaning system, the use of adhesives, solvents and water is optimized to make daily work easier and reduce downtime. 

Sustainable packaging is at a turning point. Visit them at Drupa in Hall 10 C62 where they will be pleased to share their achievements with you in addition to inviting you down the path towards sustainability.