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Laboratoire Wilson chooses versatile Linx 4900

Linx Printing Technologies is delivering excellent coding quality on a range of packaging types for the French cosmetics manufacturer Laboratoire Wilson.

Laboratoire Wilson specialises in the design and manufacture of cosmetic products for African-Caribbean hair types.

Products are packaged in diverse forms and materials, including pots and bottles made from PET, PE, PP, glass and styrene-acrylonitrile (SAN).

The marking of the products has to be very reliable and efficient, showing the batch number, expiry date and information on the country of distribution on the bottom of the containers.

The previous application used could not meet all of these requirements and was causing reliability problems.

Laboratoires Wilson therefore asked Linx for a coder that was easy to use, simple to implement, reliable and with excellent results.

The solution was the Linx 4900 continuous ink jet printer, which is the easiest to use and has the lowest operating cost.

The Linx 4900 is capable of printing up to two lines of text and operates for eight hours a day, five days a week at a speed of 17 m/min.        
Together with Linx’s recommendation of a high-performance black ink suitable for the wide range of substrates in question, the Linx 4900 printer perfectly meets Laboratoire Wilson’s requirements.

Traceability information is printed clearly and legibly, with excellent adherence and the Linx 4900 is more reliable, easier to use and cheaper to operate.

Laboratoire Wilson can guarantee the traceability of its products without fail, assuring higher quality for its clients.



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