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Meech adds to its range of Web Cleaning Solutions with TakClean™

TakClean_closed_hr_press_lores_article_image Meech International will highlight its total solutions offering for web cleaning and static control on booth 608 at NPE, Orange County Convention Center, Orlando (2nd – 5th April 2012).

With its new TakClean™ web cleaner, Meech cements its position as the industry’s leading supplier of web cleaning technologies. Presenting manufacturers with a variety of both contact and non-contact cleaners, Meech is able to provide businesses with a customised cleaning solution regardless of production requirements.

Matt Fyffe, VP/General Manager of Meech Static Eliminators USA Inc comments: “We are proud to offer a complete range of web cleaning solutions to our customers. Meech is a customer-centric company and as such, we like to afford each customer a personalised service, supplying them with the ideal product to meet their needs. The addition of TakClean™ allows us to do this.”

TakClean™ is Meech’s newest contact web cleaning system. Designed directly as a result of requests by several existing customers, TakClean™ provides excellent cleaning power, removing particles as small as 0.5 microns. Simple to install and with continuous cleaning capabilities, TakClean™ effectively cleans double-sided webs from 300 – 800 mm, at a speed of up to 250 meters per minute.
The TakClean™ system features the specially formulated ‘TransTak’ - elastomer contact cleaning rollers and perforated adhesive rolls. Working in combination with Meech static control technology, the integrated ‘TransTak’ rollers mean TakClean™ is the ultimate contact web cleaning device for sensitive materials.

When cleaning, the ‘TransTak’ elastomer rollers make contact with the web, lifting contamination from the product surface. Available in a variety of Shore A ratings, the cured silicone elastomer rollers are proven to have no ‘free chemistry’, guaranteeing that the cleaned surface remains trace free.
Once the ‘TransTak’ rollers have lifted the particles, they are transferred, by contact, to the surface of the adhesive rolls. The adhesive rolls are manufactured with a release coating to ensure easy unwinding. In addition, a high adhesive mass means the TakClean™ can run for an extended period between material changes. When changes are required, 63 easily removed (tear off) roll sections guarantee that downtime is kept to a minimum, and operator safety is optimised.

“The TakClean™ is an exceptionally simple-to-use system,” says Matt. “It’s suitable for use with most narrow web applications. Like our other products, it is also waste efficient as the operator only needs to remove the contaminated length of adhesive roll on changeover. We believe it will sit perfectly alongside our extended and comprehensive web cleaning range.
“This is a very exciting show for us. We will be showcasing our complete web cleaning range and we are looking forward to presenting customers with tailored solutions to fit their individual web cleaning needs. Traditionally, Meech is most associated with static control products, but the introduction of TakClean™ will change this. We have a diverse product offering, whether a customer is seeking a web cleaning or static control solution - or both. Meech is their best partner,” concludes Matt.