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Optimizing Color from your Digital Press - April 2012

Although color management and process control for toner-based digital presses involves many of the same techniques used for offset presses, the tools for and execution of those techniques can be very different. While many digital press manufacturers may include basic color training during press installation, they do not delve deepenough into a foundational understanding of how to optimize color output.

This workshoppicks upon what the manufacturer's training fails to cover—Optimizing Color from your Digital Press will supply you with a comprehensive look at what it takes to produce reliable, high-quality digital output. The instruction will provide a blend of lab instruction and hands-on training to get you totally immersed and totally knowledgeable on the subject of digital color and press optimization.

But that's not all—you'll be able to immediately apply the techniques learned in this workshopand print to G7® and ISO 12647-2 at your own facility!

You Will Learn
  • Digital printing and color management terms, techniques, and practices
  • Standards and specifications—the best ones for digital and how to color manage your digital press to get there
  • Hands on! How to troubleshoot color- and output-related problems using common desktoptools including:
  • RIpconversion vs. desktopconversion
  • RGB and CMYK: The best ways to handle jobs with mixed color spaces
  • How to diagnose and repair color-related problems in native applications and PDF files
  • Transparency: flatten upstream or downstream
  • Hands on! Hoe to diagnose what is a digital file problem versus a RIpproblem versus a press-related problem
  • Delve into the details: All about the color options in DFEs including Creo Spire, EFI Fiery, and Xerox DocuSp
  • Step-by-step: Howtoget your digital press to print to G7® and ISO 12647-2
Who Should Attend
  • Digital press operators
  • Prepress technicians
  • Plant managers
  • Printing equipment suppliers and vendors
  • $695 for Printing Industries of America Members
  • $1095 for non-members
  • Printing Industries of America headquarters, Sewickley (Pittsburgh), PA
Workshop Leader:
  • Dave Dezzutti, Technology and Research Analyst and G7 Certified Expert, Printing Industries of America