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Pageflex Connect Enables Next Generation Multi-Channel Marketing

As part of our effort to offer customers the best technology for creating customized communications, Pageflex is partnering with the cross-channel interaction management innovator Conversen to offer Pageflex Connect.  Available this summer, Pageflex Connect is a cloud-based solution for creating and deploying event-triggered multi-channel marketing through a wide range of communication channels. Pageflex Connect will feature the Pageflex composition engine for the print component, giving marketers access to Pageflex’s robust document customization features.

Pageflex Connect is a fully hosted SaaS solution which gives marketers to the tools to easily create and launch sophisticated multi-channel marketing campaigns.  It features an intuitive web-based interface that guides marketers through all phases of a multi channel marketing campaign, from content creation and campaign execution to data gathering and results analysis.  Users begin by mapping out marketing activities within a drag-and-drop digital "whiteboard,” and then apply behavioral rules, event triggers, and data segmentation logic to each activity as needed. Finally, configurable web-based analytics allow marketers to monitor results and measure effectiveness in real time.

"Customized communication has always been one of the key values Pageflex brings to its customers. Pageflex Connect expands on that value. It gives users the tools to take customer data and activity from any source and use it to create highly-relevant messages that are delivered in a range of ways, including print, e-mail, SMS, and social media. It lets marketers move past traditional marketing and into creating an ongoing conversation with customers," commented Elly Perets, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Pageflex.

For customers who don't need the sophistication of event-based marketing or those who want to make cross media campaigns available as products within an online storefront, Pageflex will continue to sell and support its licensed cross-media product, Pageflex Campaign Manager. Like Pageflex Connect, Campaign Manager also enables users to create multi channel marketing campaigns, but communications produced with Campaign Manager are focused on print, email, and personalized URLs. Pageflex Campaign Manager includes tracking and reporting features that enable users to take what they learn from their marketing campaigns and apply it to new campaigns.

About Pageflex

Pageflex pioneered the concepts of variable data and web-to-print storefronts, and has expanded to offer software for multi-channel campaign management, dynamic publishing, and back-end production automation. Pageflex solutions use the patented Pageflex variable publishing engine and Adobe® InDesign®

Pageflex enables companies across the globe to communicate their marketing messages more easily and effectively. The award-winning Pageflex product line sets the standard for excellence and innovation in targeted marketing and brand management. Pageflex offers the ability to personalize any form of communication in print, e-mail, or on the Web.