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Payne’s new resealable tape

Payne’s printed tape solutions are more versatile than ever, offering pack resealability alongside high impact branding and the opportunity to reduce costs and impact of packaging waste.



Developed inline with increased customer convenience requirements driven by on-the-go snacking and a growth in share packs, Payne’s printed resealable tape builds on the company’s expertise with adhesive labels, closures and tear tape technology.

The tape is located on the outside of the product's primary packaging, users simply open the pack, consume or use some of the contents, fold the pack back on itself before peeling back then placing the tape over the top, securing the rest of the product.

By combining this functionality with market leading print capabilities, Payne’s resealable printed tape offers brand owners a range of stylish and eye-catching design opportunities which can help ensure on-shelf standout and additional on-pack communication all contained within one solution.

For consumers, resealable packs offer a wide range of benefits. They act as a portion control mechanism and help cut food waste, with no need to throw away any unused product, or move the contents into a separate storage container.
The packaging is much more functional and intuitive, helping to keep food cupboards tidy and being easy to locate and to use.

For brand owners the promotional possibilities offered by Payne printed tapes mean messaging can be easily updated or tailored to specific customers by changing the tape and not the whole pack graphics.

This avoids the time, financial, stock management and environmental costs associated with origination of a complete new pack design and potentially reducing waste from packaging. Short run promotions or branding messages can therefore be easily instigated, keeping them more relevant and fresh for the target market.

Simon Wildash, Head of Marketing for Payne, explains: “Payne’s printed tapes combine the convenience of pack resealability with enormous opportunities for manufacturers to integrate short or long-term promotions within their pack design.

“In addition to adding functionality to a pack, the high colour graphics and sophisticated gravure print ensure maximum impact and enhance the product’s overall appearance.”

Consumers are demanding more from their packaging and Payne’s new resealable tape provides an additional option to the range of creative self adhesive labels and closures Payne also offers to meet these requirements.