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The first ADHESLEEVE labeller, a machine able to improve the labelling effectiveness in the Beverage sector, has been installed at Hugo Cini S.A.'s, an important Brazilian manufacturer of soft drinks. The new ADHESLEEVE labeller is P.E. LABELLERS's crowning achievement; even if this labeller is a roll-fed machine, it can be considered as another version of the self-adhesive system. Indeed, ADHESLEEVE is the first linerless labeller able to apply pre-glued wrap-around labels: very easy to use! Nowadays, several leading Brazilian converters are in a position to produce pre-glued labels. A pre-glued film is nothing new, but a simple technological evolution applied on adhesive tapes since 1950. The most important advantage offered by such innovative technology is the elimination of both problems which more often occur and cause ineffectiveness in traditional roll-fed labelling machines, i.e. hot glue and label cutting. This is also an eco-friendly labeller, due to this innovative technology P.E. LABELLERS has achieved several important goals:

- sanitary, environmental, ecological: the elimination of the hot melt, the absence of fumes produced by heating the hot melt as well as the elimination of harmful products to clean the glue residuals makes the product entirely recyclable

- user friendly, reliability, savings: this new labelling machine is easy to use and doesn’t need skilled labeller operators.

So we can say that Adhesleeve is the most economical and ecological solution for roll-fed labelling.