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PE Labellers expands

P.E. LABELLERS founded its branches in the United States and in Brazil and now opens its new branch in Algeria, the P.E. MAGHREB, being dedicated esclusively to the Maghrebi market, where self-adhesive semiautomatic as well as linear automatic machines are locally produced, in order to better meet the needs of customers in the local market. Among the main P.E. LABELLERS policy's purposes there is the possibility to provide the best satisfaction of customer needs in each Country and increase its presence in the market as local supplier. Better efficiency and timeliness, even in terms of after-sales service, spare parts supply and technical service, are the strong subjects of the aforementioned strategy, which also allows P.E. LABELLERS to complete its already wide range of labelling machines. Indeed, by adding semi-automatic machines P.E. LABELLERS is in a position to offer the total typology of labelling machines and equipment being currently present in the market.