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Craft and regional beers embrace pressure-sensitive advantages

Spear, the leading provider of pressure-sensitive labeling solutions, is now helping the craft and regional beer industries transition to the same pressure-sensitive labeling technology already embraced by leading global beer manufacturers. Pressure sensitive is the largest labeling technology in North America and Europe. Thanks to its graphic, performance and cost benefits, it is quickly becoming a leading alternative to cut stack/wet glue (CS/WG) labels in the global beverage industry.


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Cold Spring Brewing Company began brewing beverages in 1854. Their products were solely decorated with CS/WG labels until 2001 when they introduced pressure-sensitive labeling into their operation. After several years of side-by-side comparison, Cold Spring converted all their production to pressure-sensitive labeling due to:

  • Improved line efficiency and flexibility
  • Minimal change part requirements
  • Elimination of glue preparation and clean-up

Additional material options, including white or metalized paper substrates and white, clear and metalized film Lift Bridge Brewing Company also recognized the benefits of pressure-sensitive labeling and converted their brands from CS/WG labels to paper pressure sensitive to take advantage of its flexibility.


Since converting to pressure-sensitive labels, Lift Bridge has changed their label sizes twice without any change part implications. In addition, they have received the functional advantage of pressure-sensitive labels looking great on their bottles regardless of how long they have been in an ice chest. Lift Bridge’s branding remains strong until the consumer has completed their tasty treat.

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Brau Brothers also launched their brands with CS/WG labels, but made the decision in 2011 to fully convert to pressure-sensitive labels.

The functionality and flexibility of Spear’s labels allowed Brau Brothers to invest in a new pressure-sensitive labeler to better manage the line change over demands being driven by their ever-growing SKU portfolio.


Spear, the world’s leading innovator and supplier of pressure-sensitive labeling for the beverage industry, congratulates our friends at Cold Spring, Lift Bridge and Brau Brothers for a job well done!



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