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Faret s.a gains competitive advantage with Xeikon 3050

Faret, a Chilean label converter specializing in folding carton packaging, has selected the Xeikon 3050 digital label press for its entry into digital printing. The unique combination of 1200 dpi quality, wide substrate range and scalable web widths up to B2 format offered by the Xeikon 3050 provides Faret the flexibility to meet the growing demand for shorter runs in the folding carton market. At the same time the investment opens up business opportunities for the company to expand into other applications. The deal, signed at drupa 2012, currently taking place inDüsseldorf, Germany marks Xeikon’s first 3050 installation in Chile.

Strategically located in Chile's capital and largest city, Santiago de Chile, Faret specializes in the printing of folding carton packaging (pharmaceutical, cosmetic, industrial packaging). Since it was established the company has earned a reputation for delivering quality which to date has been achieved using traditional printing technologies. However, with the increased demand for shorter runs and a push towards just-in-time delivery, the company decided it was time to go digital.



From left to right: Nicolas and Andres Faret - Faret, Patrick Pittoors - Xeikon and Felipe Arias - Davis Graphics (Chile).


“We had been researching the digital press market over the past six months,” says Andres Faret. “Seeing the Xeikon 3050 in action here at drupa just confirmed that Xeikon are the true leaders in this market. Its 1200dpi 4 bit per spot resolution and its ability to print on such a wide range of substrates with no pre-treatment were key attributes for us. But the real deal closer was that the 3050 was a mature B2 format printing press. Xeikon has been working in this market for more than 14 years since they first introduced their B2 technology. This has enabled them to gain a wealth of knowledge and experience in folding carton production and this gave us a lot of comfort.”

“We are delighted to partner with Faret as they embark on their digital voyage,” says Felipe Arias, Managing Director of David Graphics, Xeikon’s dealer in Chile. “The flexibility of the Xeikon 3050 digital solution to print on almost any substrate, handle just-in-time ordering and deliver the highest quality prints, enables Faret to meet the growing demand for short-run folding carton jobs on a wider range of materials. The investment also opens up a whole range of new business opportunities for the company to expand beyond folding carton into other applications.”

Xeikon 3050: combining speed, quality and flexibility

The Xeikon 3050 offers label converters an attractive entry-level investment into high quality digital label printing, with the additional flexibility of greater width. The flexible print width of the Xeikon 3050 allows customers to print according to the job requirements. Depending on their size, labels can be imposed more efficiently which results in higher throughput.

The Xeikon 3050 is capable of printing on an unrivalled range of substrates, including various self-adhesive materials including co-extruded films, Bopp, PVC, paperboards, paper with weights ranging from 40 to 350 gsm and transparent and opaque PET films.

Like all the other Xeikon 3000 series, the Xeikon 3050 uses the QA-I toner, which meets all the applicable FDA guidelines for indirect food contact at room temperatures – as well as direct contact for dry food substances containing no surface oil or fat. In addition, Xeikon offers spot color toners, a Xeikon’s one-pass opaque white toner and clear toner for anti-counterfeiting applications, enabling unparalleled application flexibility. Moreover, all toners offer a very high light fastness ensuring that labels keep their color strength throughout time.