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New adhesives development for flexible packaging

Henkel has expanded its product portfolio by adding a new solvent-free Liofol brand laminating adhesive based on renewable raw materials that makes it ideal for biofilms. In addition, the globally leading adhesives manufacturer is presenting two solvent-free and TDI-free laminating systems with a long pot life.

All the signs point to continued growth in the market for flexible packages. At Drupa 2012, Henkel will be presenting its most recent developments in laminating adhesives for the packaging industry. These include a new solvent-free laminating adhesive system under the Liofol brand that is based on renewable adhesives, thus enabling the production of sustainable packagings. It is especially suitable for biodegradable films that can be used for food packages.

TDI-free adhesives with outstanding workability
Henkel’s portfolio of solvent-free two-component laminating adhesives has been expanded to include not just one but two new TDI-free products that make a significant contribution to improving safety in use. The new Liofol laminating adhesives exhibit very good wetting behaviour which results in excellent laminate appearance. Moreover, the two systems have a long workability time of up to 60 minutes. Even after longer downtimes due to cleaning or resetting of the machine or a switch in film/foil materials, the adhesive will remain workable within the stated time. The long pot life helps to reduce material usage as it allows work to be carried out on the machine without needing to fear that the adhesive will have become unusable when production is resumed.

Innovative silane-free adhesion promoter for enhanced resistance to package contents
Aggressive filling goods pose a special challenge when manufacturing flexible packages. For such applications, Henkel has developed two new solvent-free two-component adhesives under its Liofol brand. The hardener used here contains an adhesion promoter that gives the flexible packaging an extremely high chemical resistance. Both of these laminating adhesive systems provided enhanced resistance especially to strongly acidic package contents.

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