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A new basysPrint’s VLF platesetter for DENBA AMBALAJ

basysPrint announces that DENBA AMBALAJ, a large packaging printer based in Turkey, has selected the new basysPrint VLF CtP platesetter just launched at drupa 2012. The large format, 2400dpi printing quality and high speed offered by the new VLF platesetter provides DENBA AMBALAJ the opportunity to expand its business, while enabling the company to offer its clients much faster turnaround times and higher levels of printing quality. The sale, which was completed at drupa 2012, adds to more than 40 other basysPrint machines already sold during the show.

Located in Denizli in the heart of Turkey, DENBA AMBALAJ is a packaging printer specializing in the food and textile markets, and also serves the general industrial carton packaging market. With a team of more than 250 people, the company serves clients across Turkey, as well as its neighboring countries. With a base turnover of more than 1.1 million USD per month (about 20 million USD per year), the company is looking to grow and expand by over 50% this year. The investment in the new basysPrint VLF platesetter is strategic to developing new business activities and achieving this ambitious growth target.

“We spent over a year researching the market for a large format machine,” says Mr. Hatati Ata, owner at DENBA AMBALAJ. “We visited basysPrint and compared their products with other offerings on the market including both CTPC and thermal. High quality level, speed and performance were all key criteria and basysPrint came out on top on all three fronts. The fact that our sister company, ATA Offset, was already very happy with the two smaller basysPrint machines they purchased two years ago further reinforced our decision to go for the VLF machine of basysPrint.”


basysPrint ARAS Turkeyfrom left to right: Christophe Lievens - basysPrint Belgium, Hamdi Kaymak and Burhan Kuturman from ARAS Turkey

“It’s good to know that DENBA AMBALAJ took their time to make the decision,” says Christophe Lievens, Director of Sales and Marketing at basysPrint. “They were able to compare quality, speed, price and service – all key values that we put high in our customer approach list.”

Local support offers peace of mind

Another key selling point for the basysPrint machine was the level of local support provided by ARAS, basysPrint’s dealer on the ground in Turkey.

“The support team at ARAS is highly skilled and very responsive,” explains Ata. “This level of on-the-ground support provides us with confidence and peace of mind just in case we need technical assistance moving forward.”

“We are very happy with the partnership we have with ARAS,” says Lievens.  “The company has been active since 1974 and is key to our sales and service in the region. In total, we already have more than 80 basysPrint platesetters installed in Turkey – one the many emerging countries in which basysPrint is active. This is the first installation of the new VLF in the Turkish region and it will definitely give us even more visibility and trust in the region.”

Hamid Kaymak, from ARAS adds:  “It is a pleasure for us to distribute the full range of basysPrint machines here in Turkey. There is a high level of trust in both the company and their products.”

New VLF series offers host of benefits

The new basysPrint VLF series of CtP UV platesetters, which was launched at drupa 2012, is capable of exposing offset printing plates from 200mm x 200mm (7.8 x 7.8 inches) right up to 1485mm x 2100mm (58 x 82 inches). Incorporating state-of-the-art optical modules, the new VLF family delivers unsurpassed exposure quality with resolutions of up to 2400dpi.

The series comprises three models, Manual (M), Semi-Automatic (SA) and Automatic (MCA), each equipped with the new flEXpo (Flexible Exposure) option, offering customers the possibility of loading and unloading one 8-up plate (or smaller) while simultaneously imaging another 8-up (or smaller) plate. This new flexibility significantly improves productivity on the shop floor.

The new series also features three-point alignment and/or an integrated punch, offering fast, reliable and register-accurate, customer-specific punching of the plates before exposure. Just like the new Series 460x and Series 860x UV-Setters, the new basysPrint VLF platform offers flexibility in terms of substrates.

Since the UV-Setters operate in the 405 nanometer wavelength range, operators are free to choose which

UV-sensitive offset printing plates they wish to use. Over 60 plates from over 15 suppliers are already tested and approved with the new VLF series.