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Omega 1 Plus by Durst wins a prestigious EDP Award

The Omega 1 Plus is a new, enhanced version of the Omega 1 flatbed and roll to roll UV printer. It offers the same fine art printing quality with an extra white and grey printing facility.


The award is for the “Best Hybrid Printer Sub-200k Euro” and was voted for by the>European Digital Press Association (EDP).


The award was made for the following reason:

“It provides fine art printing from an entry level machine. The plus version with extra white and grey fits in a category of its own and is the first machine to truly offer a replacement for Lambda.”

The EDP Association is made up of publishers of leading European magazines devoted to digital printing and associated products. These publications cover 14 European countries with a readership exceeding 1million graphic arts professionals.


The fine art printing quality of the Omega 1 is thanks to precision manufacturing and advanced inkjet technology. It prints with a resolution of 1720 dpi and features greyscale technology, 6 colour printing and the options of white and two process colours.

It is capable of printing on the widest range of flexible and rigid materials, including fine art papers, acrylic glass, foam sheets and aluminium at a productivity of up to 35m² per hour and a maximum width of 160cm.


The Omega 1 is compact in size and offers reliability, longevity and the opportunity of entering the profitable world of industrial large format digital printing.


New Table-Pro Option

The new Table-Pro Option allows for the printing of different sized boards and images to be mounted and printed together on a specially designed board, which is then fed through the Omega 1. The next board can assembled whilst the first is being printed. It allows for continuous workflow and maximised productivity.


The board is composed in a profession template using a Caldera Compose function and the individual boards are aligned and held in place by three pins.