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Pageflex Brings the Power of Customization to Video



Pageflex, the developer of the leading technology for creating customized communications, has formed a new partnership that brings the power of customized communications to video. Through a partnership with DynamicVideo, Pageflex has created Pageflex Dynamic Media , a powerful tool that lets users create customized in-stream and in-banner videos that speak directly to the viewer in a personalized, cost-effective and operationally efficient way. Pageflex will be offering previews of Pageflex Dynamic Media at drupa, Hall 4, Stand A402, and the software will be available this summer.


Internet users have become increasingly familiar with viewing and sharing videos online, especially in social media formats such as Facebook and YouTube. As a result, advertisers recognize the need to develop new ways of getting the attention of these users. Customized video fits that need perfectly, letting marketers create messages that speak directly to users in a format they are familiar with and enjoy using.

Pageflex Dynamic Media gives users a template-based workflow that allows them to bring what they know about a customer to video production. Users can easily customize elements of the video and banner ads, including video footage, advertising copy including regional or local promotions, images, and calls to action. Pageflex Dynamic Media is unique in supporting multiple video formats while consistently maintaining high quality video output. And, as a hosted solution, Pageflex Dynamic Media takes full advantage of the power of the cloud to optimize performance. Configurable web-based real time analytics allow users to measure and track the results of their marketing efforts.

Pageflex Storefront customers can add videos created in Pageflex Dynamic Media to the list of products offered in their e-commerce, sites and can allow their users to customize the video with images and text. Users can even can combine their digital orders with their print orders.


Elly Perets, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Pageflex commented, "Pageflex customers have known about the power of personalization for a long time, using it to create customized communications in print and cross-media campaigns. Now, with Pageflex Dynamic Media, users can bring that customization experience to the growing popularity of video and rich media. Pageflex is excited about our Partnership with Dynamic Video and the opportunities it will present for our customers."


Jack Cohen Martin, COO of Dynamic Video stated, “We are very excited about our new partnership with Pageflex. Together we will add a new online video capability to the existing portfolio of Pageflex offerings to their clients.”


Based in New York City, DynamicVideo ( is on one the leading providers of dynamic creative technology. Our video based Ad units are highly targeted, personalized, interactive, measurable and can be distributed across the web, email, mobile and tablet platforms. The company's patent-pending technology enhances the creative optimization, personalization and engagement capabilities of advertising and marketing campaigns, increasing their performance and return on investment.


About Pageflex
Pageflex pioneered the concepts of variable data and web-to-print storefronts, and has expanded to offer software for multi-channel campaign management, dynamic publishing, and back-end production automation. Pageflex solutions use the patented Pageflex variable publishing engine and Adobe® InDesign®
Pageflex enables companies across the globe to communicate their marketing messages more easily and effectively. The award-winning Pageflex product line sets the standard for excellence and innovation in targeted marketing and brand management. Pageflex offers the ability to personalize any form of communication in print, e-mail, or on the Web.