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PCT Engineered Systems, an innovative manufacturing solutions provider known for its global leadership in the development and implementation of both automated systems and BroadBeam electron beam technology, has been awarded the Better Business Bureau’s annual Integrity Award.

The Integrity Award was established in 1993 to recognize those firms whose business practices and related activities exemplify the Better Business Bureau’s mission, “To Be the Leader in Advancing Marketplace Trust.”

PCT was one of five local businesses honored at the Better Business Bureau’s annual Integrity Awards luncheon and awards ceremony on April 26.


PCT President Terry Thompson was pleased with the recognition, which stemmed from a nomination from a local company that conducts business with PCT.

“The culture, work ethics, honesty and integrity that drives the Midwest and particularly Iowa has allowed us to become a very successful company,” Thompson noted. “These core values come out every day in the things that we do. A company that is driven by integrity has distinct advantages when dealing with the many different cultures of the world, as we do.”


Export business for PCT has grown substantially in recent years, currently accounting for over half of total annual sales, and continued global expansion remains a priority.

“We are actively involved in producing systems that are exported all over the world,” says PCT Broadbeam Sales and Marketing Director Karl Swanson. “In fact, we currently are involved in projects with customers from Germany, Australia, Mexico, Taiwan and India, and we have initiatives pending in several other countries. The Integrity Award is wonderful recognition that our team has both grown and continued to do business the right way.”


PCT Engineered Systems is committed to providing remarkable solutions to remarkable companies. Located in Davenport, Iowa, PCT provides engineering services, automation systems integration, and custom machine building worldwide.

PCT continues to leverage itself as a global leader in the design and implementation of BroadBeam industrial electron beam (e-beam) systems, which continue to grow in popularity as a fast, precise, cost-effective technology used for ink drying, curing, cross-linking and sterilization.

Additionally, their award-winning Innovation Team has extensive experience in empowering American manufacturers to improve their operations through increased productivity, higher quality and improved safety.

Additional information about PCT can be found at .