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Pepsi Twists gets a makeover with Rexam's FUSION bottle

Rexam’s award winning FUSION aluminium bottle has given Pepsi Twist a new look, with the original lemon flavoured cola from PepsiCo Italy being repackaged and launched for a trial run in Italy.



Pepsi Twist FUSION

PepsiCo Italy has designed the new Pepsi Twist bottle to appeal to young, dynamic consumers, seeking new trends and fashionable drinking solutions. The FUSION bottle guarantees a striking image and a contemporary feel, with Rexam’s innovative design and printing solutions ensuring the bottle has stand-out shelf appeal.

Rexam’s FUSION aluminium bottle is lightweight, shatterproof and keeps the drink cool, and sparkling. The bottle is resealable which helps keep the product fresh whilst enhancing the fresh lemon flavour. These benefits make FUSION the ideal packaging for out-of-home consumption and therefore  a perfect fit with Pepsi Twist’s target market.




Being made from aluminium the FUSION bottle is also 100% and infinitely recyclable.

Massimo Ambrosini, GM Vice President of PepsiCo Beverages Italia said: “PepsiCo is always keen on looking out for new marketing solutions and taking on challenges to bring innovation onto the market. We very much believe in the potential of the FUSION bottle for out-of-home consumption and have chosen our Pepsi Twist drink for this launch as it is the most innovative drink from our range of products.”


Monica Mantovani, Sales Manager at Rexam Beverage Can Italia commented on the partnership with PepsiCo Beverages Italia: “It has been great working with the team at PepsiCo to develop the FUSION bottles for Pepsi Twist, not only do the bottles look fantastic, but they really do enhance the great drink inside.”


Pepsi Twist in FUSION was launched onto the Italian market in early Spring 2012 and PepsiCo Italy will be hosting FUSION parties across Italy to celebrate the new packaging.