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VSOP web offset printing press from Muller Martini with many new features: Innovative Improvements for High-quality Package Printing

The new generation of VSOP machines that will be showcased at drupa have a laser blue design and are the result of numerous functional and technical improvements. Thanks to the enhanced new features, the variable-size web offset printing press from Muller Martini is one of the most impressive in its class.


Since assuming the patent rights to the VSOP three years ago, the new generation of machines has been consistently integrated into the Muller Martini product line. In addition to adapting the external design, the web offset printing press has been continually expanded and improved to include several new technical features. First and foremost was the objective of making the machine easier to use.



The new VSOP web offset printing press from Muller Martini for printing on paper, film and cardboard has numerous new features.



The list of innovations and improvements is a long one. For example, each printing unit on the VSOP now has a sliding guard. That results in improved accessibility, more stable clamping and improved positioning. Increasing the height of the printing unit by 150 mm makes it easier to change the printing plates and rubber blanket sleeves. For machine operators, the ergonomic improvements make working on the machine easy on the spine and prevent overloading.


Innovative Electronic Control Technology
The electronic control technology has also been redesigned. Implementing the Muller Martini electronic control topology into the VSOP not only improves the reliability of the machine, but also means that there are significantly fewer components in operation. That in turn simplifies operation and maintenance of the machine. The improvement of the sleeve positioning in the printing unit reduces wear and tear of the air shaft during frequent size changes.


Furthermore, the distribution roller between the application rollers 2 and 3 has been redesigned, leading to improved adjustability and higher printing quality. The use of a central lubrication system on the machine also simplifies maintenance. Modern and sturdy servo drive technology for adjusting the swing arm leads to less damage of the belts and sleeves during daily production.



First-Class Print Quality and High Level of Reproduction
The VSOP web offset printing press has been developed for printing labels, flexible packaging and cardboard. The Muller Martini inking system has been integrated into the VSOP to meet the highest demands in these areas, thereby ensuring first-class printing quality. The integrated folding mechanism provides for the highest possible level of reproduction. Additional advantages of the Muller Martini inking system are the ability to precisely adjust the ink zones, the pre-adjustments based on CIP 3/4 data, increased printing volume and easier cleaning. Furthermore, remote diagnostic instruments such as MMRemote Access and MMRemote Online are available for the new VSOP. That increases the availability of the machine while reducing downtime.