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WS Packaging Group Partners with KJ International to Provide Language Translation Services

WS Packaging Group, Inc. has partnered with KJ International (KJI), a full-service translation services provider, to help localize labeling and packaging content to better target today’s ethnically diverse audience of bilingual and multilingual speaking consumers.

“More and more companies are doing business on a global scale and the need for bilingual and multilingual language translation in labeling and packaging of consumer products has grown,” said Mark Moorhead, director of marketing for WS Packaging. “Successful businesses building on a global scale have learned to localize their content. But it’s no small task: that’s why WS Packaging has partnered with KJI to provide the depth of experience and translation precision required for everything from single documents to enterprise-wide initiatives.”

As cultural demographics continue to grow more diverse across North America, so does the spending power among the different ethnic groups. According to the Selig Center, Asian Americans are expected to wield $696.5 billion in buying power by 2015. The purchasing power of America’s 10.4 million Latino households already exceeds $1 trillion. Meanwhile, African American buying power in the United States will rise from $957 billion in 2010 to $1.2 trillion in 2015.

Cultural diversity continues to grow at a rapid pace,” Moorhead said. “It’s vital that national and global brands tailor their product and service messaging to be appropriate and effective so as to specifically target different audiences. Multicultural marketing that is done in a culturally, linguistically respectful and intelligent fashion, will help drive effective brand connections.”

WS Packaging works on a referral basis to ensure that customers are matched with the correct KJI professional to accurately complete the translation aspects of each project.

KJI helps facilitate the management of global documentation projects through its proprietary, ISO-certified project management technology—KJI LINK. Beginning with the client’s request for estimate, KJI LINK facilitates communication and collaboration across translation project teams consolidating tasks and streamlining project communication.

About KJI
Since 1994, KJI has provided language solutions for everything from the regulated life-science industries, to legal, financial, and government entities, to engineering and manufacturing firms and consumer products companies. KJI uses ISO-certified, standardized, and documented processes to provide the consistency, accuracy, and effectiveness required for every translation assignment. Each project is accompanied by a Translation Certification, ensuring accuracy and adherence to the ISO process.

About WS Packaging
WS Packaging Group, Inc., with more than 45 years of experience, is one of the largest printing and label converting operations in North America. It operates 18 manufacturing facilities and produces high-quality packaging products. Its customers range in size from small businesses to large, high-volume manufacturers and consumer product goods companies doing business locally, nationally, and in marketplaces worldwide. WS Packaging Group is majority owned by J.W. Childs Associates, L.P. (JWC), a private equity firm based in Boston, Mass., investing in middle-market growth companies. Since 1995, JWC has invested in over 40 companies, with a transaction value of more than $12 billion.