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De Kuyper Launches New Ginger Flavour

CARTILS de kuyper

Globally leading liqueur producer Royal De Kuyper has added an innovative new flavour to their famous range. De Kuyper Ginger has just been introduced, inspiring mixologists around the world to come up with new and intriguing cocktails. The design was created by CARTILS the international branding and packaging design consultancy.

De Kuyper set out to create a unique Ginger Liqueur. Spicy, pleasantly pungent, tangy and truly aromatic is best way to describe this variant. It all starts with fresh harvested rhizome of ginger plants. A special method is used to extract the rich aromatic flavour from the ginger. After extraction, the liqueur is completed with rum and a dash of lemon.

The design needed to emanate the playful, spicy and aromatic flavour as well as the character of ginger. This was achieved through the style of the typography used for the ‘ginger’, as well as the background pattern, gold was added to express the premium character of this unique product. Still it remains loyal to the typical De Kuyper range, building on its great reputation.