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DG press ServiceS acquires former Drent Goebel premises

dg_services logo DG press ServiceS proudly announces that it is from today may 31st the official owner of the former Drent Goebel premises. The transferral of ownership will take place on June 11th after which drastic renovation will take place immediately.

DG press ServiceS started in 2009 as an initiative of two former employees as a modest service provider for the installed Drent and Drent Goebel machinebase. Director Peter Kloppers:  “Without the necessity of  selling and producing an amount of printing presses we could further focus on delivering service solutions, developing the existing presses and offer innovative upgrades, modifications and extensions.” This shift in mentality was well received by the Drent Goebel customers and is reflected by the impressive growth DGpS has undergone. “We started with 12 ex- Drent Goebel employees. Now we employ almost 30 Drent specialists.”

The premises comprising of 7000m2 of which 5500m2 of production and office space further facilitates DGpS in its growth. Although the company ‘s main focus will remain on service and customer support, DGpS capability to build new presses such as the newly developed Vision SP will be increased with the extended factory.

DG press ServiceS plans to move in on January 1st 2013.