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FINAT On-the-Go iPhone App now available!

In 2011, FINAT, the international association for the self-adhesive label industry, introduced its new website and on-line community. The new platform, that is continuously being updated and upgraded, allows FINAT members to conveniently access knowledge, download exclusive information, get in contact with other members of the FINAT Community, submit blogs, set up and engage in discussions, register for events and order publications.

In addition to these virtual association features, FINAT now introduces FINAT On-the-Go. Always have your association with you, wherever you go! The App allows members to conveniently keep track of FINAT News and FINAT Event while travelling. The settings functionality will allow the user to set his or her preferences by news  or by category. A social media link allows the user to share information within his or her network. All iphone users can take full advantage of the App.