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FLEXcon Reaffirms Commitment to Customers with Pre-Slit Roll Program

FLEXcon, an innovator in adhesive coating and laminating, today announced online availability of the FLEXcon Pre-Slit Roll Program, which will continue to offer thermal transfer printable pre-slit rolls in a variety of roll widths and lengths.  The FLEXcon Pre-Slit-Roll Program addresses converter needs by controlling costs through waste reduction, minimized inventory and fewer printing changeovers.

Compatible with the widest range of thermal transfer ribbons, all of the FLEXcon pre-slit products are Underwriter Laboratory (UL) recognized and in some cases Canadian Underwriter Laboratory (cUL) or Canadian Standards (CSA) recognized. The superior performance of FLEXcon topcoats and adhesives also provides high-deposition printability for high-definition barcode printing, along with proven performance for harsh environment applications.

“We’re always working to find a better way to meet our customers’ needs. By providing more options, we’re helping converters control inventory and order only the materials they need,” said John Bennett, Vice President, Product Identification, FLEXcon.  “Using FLEXcon’s extensive industry knowledge, we were able to create new options for our most popular thermal transfer printable products.  However, if the standard slit widths do not meet customer specifications, custom slitting is available to provide the exact width required.”

Currently, FLEXcon’s pre-slit product offering features 14 different products, including six products from the new THERMLfilm® NEXgen™ product line which combines UV and emulsion print technology with thermal transfer.