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Gallus sums up drupa 2012:

Strong Demand for the Inline Solutions Presented – Impressive Performance Convinces Folding Carton Converters.

Gallus Stanz- und Druckmaschinen GmbH / Weiden, Germany, is looking back upon drupa 2012 with great satisfaction. During the 14 days of the fair over 8,000 visitors came to watch the live demonstrations of the Gallus ICS 670 machine system demonstrate the efficiency of inline production of top-quality folding cartons. Moreover, the trade professionals took great interest in the whole range of the exhibited Gallus solutions offered for the folding carton industry.

Several hundred inquiries from all over the world, as well as conclusions of contracts during the fair, confirm the high acceptance of the Gallus solutions for production of folding cartons and cardboard products.

Solutions for the folding carton printer
On an exhibition space of 720m² in hall 2, the Gallus group's folding carton division presented its performance program for the efficient production of folding cartons and cardboard products.
Above all, the visitors' interest focused not only on the Gallus ICS 670 exhibited, but also on the high-performance Gallus machine systems for volume applications, such as liquid packaging. Furthermore, Gallus showed the new possibilities of differentiation and valueadding application by using the rotary screen printing achieved by Gallus Screeny as well as the range of services offered by Gallus. In this respect, the company presented – besides globally available technical services - also performance programs and training modules.


gallus_folding carton business Gallus group's folding carton division presented its performance program for the efficient production of folding cartons.

Thanks to this comprehensive performance program, the Gallus Carton Solution, Gallus was able to convincingly present itself as a reliable partner for the folding carton printer.

Convincing efficiency and flexibility – Success in sales already during the Drupa
The Gallus ICS 670 shown was equipped with a great number of innovations, such as the new gravure printing unit and the cold foil module. “The new gravure printing unit sets new standards in view of operation, operating costs and flexibility and in addition the combination with the platform concept of the Gallus ICS 670 it opens up highest flexibility and efficiency in production”, said Matthias Boog, COO of Gallus Stanz- und Druckmaschinen GmbH. And Mr. Boog added that the Gallus innovations were developed in a customer-oriented way and were always aimed at perceptible benefit providing our customers sustainable competitive advantages.

The fair visitors experienced this statement during professional live demonstrations simulating real production. The efficiency of inline production on the Gallus ICS 670 has consequently been increased by another innovation, also shown live - the new 100% quality control in combination with the automatic single blank ejection on the Gallus flat-bed cut-line FCL. By means of its impressive performance at drupa, Gallus provided convincing arguments which resulted in the conclusion of contracts for the exhibited Gallus
ICS 670 and for a Gallus CCS 510 during the fair.


gallus_live demonstrations Visitors experienced the ultimate efficiency of folding carton production during formidable live presentations

Because of the great number of contacts made at the fair and the great interest on the part of both investment decision-makers and international CPG producers, the Gallus Folding Carton division expects the business stemming from the fair to be sustainable, and thus a confirmation of the strategy adopted.


The Gallus Group
Gallus Stanz- und Druckmaschinen GmbH of Weiden, Germany, belongs to the Gallus group that is headquartered in St Gallen, Switzerland. Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG has a 30% stake in the Group.

Gallus Stanz- und Druckmaschinen GmbH is the Gallus Group's "Folding Carton" division,which develops and manufactures fully customized machine systems for high-quality inline manufacture of folding carton blanks. With three product lines and flat-bed die-cutters, which allow a flexible combination of printing, finishing and converting processes, Gallus Stanzund Druckmaschinen satisfies all market demands with regard to production output, batch sizes and the finishing of folding cartons. Training, application support and a differentiated range of service packages round off the company's portfolio. Gallus markets and distributes its products and services through its own global network of regional offices and distributors.