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Herma now FSC®-certified

FSC logo Thanks to certification of the Self-adhesive Materials division's compliance with the strict FSC® regulations, HERMA has been given the green light to display yet another environmental label. The seal of the independent Forest Stewardship Council is recognised worldwide as a mark of environment-friendly, ethical and economically sustainable forestry management. Consumers who purchase products bearing the now very familiar FSC® logo are making an active contribution to sustainability around the world. "With immediate effect, the certification enables us to offer our customers practically any paper in FSC® quality subject to market availability," says Dr. Thomas Baumgärtner, managing director of HERMA. HERMA has thus taken a further step along the route of adding pro-environmental products to its range. HERMA has already extended its offering with PEFC-certified papers, self-adhesive solutions in which both the label paper and the liner are made entirely from recycled material, and fully compostable films.

Strong reputation

"The FSC® certification marks another crucial stage in our expansion of the HERMA green portfolio," insists the HERMA managing director. The high regard in which the FSC® is held in the international arena is attributable not only to the mushrooming of its logo among a large number of products, but also and in particular to the strict rules that must be observed by all certified enterprises. Consumers can be certain that all operations in the supply chain, from the raw material producers to the product manufacturer, are certified to and satisfy the FSC® standards. Compliance with the FSC® regulations is monitored every year by independent agencies. Although a non-FSC®-certified company can purchase and process FSC® papers, it cannot attach the FSC® logo to its own products. "Thanks to the certification, our customers can now reap all the rewards of the positive image of the FSC® – while promoting the cause of sustainable forestry at the same time," says Dr. Baumgärtner.