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KODAK NEXPRESS Photo 3300 Press Selected by Spectrum Digital Print to Fuel Expansion into Competitive Photo Market

When Dubai-based full-service commercial printer Spectrum Digital Print wanted to capture new revenue opportunities in the photo market, the company quickly recognized that they needed a more robust digital printing solution. After comparing a variety of digital printing presses, Spectrum opted for the KODAK NEXPRESS Photo 3300 Press with the long-sheet feed option. Spectrum selected the KODAK NEXPRESS Press for its reputation of high-quality printing and its broad capabilities, including the KODAK NEXPRESS Fifth Imaging Unit Solution.


Bottom right - Daniel Rodgers – Group General Manager Spectrum UAE Limited

Bottom left - Sadasivam Swaminathan, Sales & Marketing Manager, Gulf Commercial Group

Top left - Riyaz Ahmed, Group Sales & Pricing Manager, Spectrum UAE Limited

Top middle - Steve Swan, Business Manager Digital Print Products, Kodak

Top right - Chris Conner, Print Technology Manager, Spectrum UAE Limited


“Our experience so far with Kodak’s digital printing solutions has been outstanding, so we were very intrigued with the quality of the NEXPRESS Presses and the availability of so many additional capabilities through the NEXPRESS Fifth Imaging Unit,” said Daniel Rodgers, Group General Manager of Spectrum Digital Print. “Expansion into new service areas is critical for our future growth. The KODAK Solutions are helping us to do that, and the NEXPRESS Photo Press will open doors for new applications.”


KOG_NexPress_PhotoPress Kodak NexPress

The NEXPRESS Press Platform delivers effects unique to inline digital cut-sheet presses such as raised printing, gloss coating and matte finish. It features exceptional photo-quality output with tremendous productivity of printed photo products, including hard- and soft-cover photo books, calendars, greeting cards, 4x6 prints and more.

Spectrum also purchased the KODAK NEXPRESS Fifth Imaging Unit Solution, which enables spot colors, new Gold and Pearlescent effects, unique in-line dimensional printing, high-quality gloss, inline watermarking, or coating in a single pass. Spectrum plans to utilize the KODAK NEXPRESS Glossing Unit to produce high-impact, durable printing applications with a high-gloss finish.

The new expanded service offerings enabled through the NEXPRESS Photo Press will allow Spectrum to grow its global customer base and differentiate its service from the competition. Spectrum primarily serves advertising firms, public relations agencies, publishers, media companies, educational institutions and financial companies.

      “Although the photo market is highly competitive, many business opportunities do exist and fortunately, the NEXPRESS Photo Press is very versatile. Spectrum’s investment will help them to better serve their customers and bring in new revenue,” said Komal Sharma, Kodak’s Vice President and Managing Director of Middle East, Africa region. “Spectrum will be expanding their portfolio with value-added merchandise, including photo products and applications, and even better, they will be fully equipped to manage the new volume of orders.”

One of the major advantages of NEXPRESS Presses is the upgradability, which makes it easy for customers to invest in a solution that meets their current needs and can grow as their businesses expand. During drupa, Kodak unveiled additional enhancements for the KODAK NEXPRESS Platform to help printers improve image quality, application flexibility and production speed. The newest NEXPRESS Platform enhancements include: new Gold, Pearlescent and Neon Pink printing solutions (available in 2013), new inline UV coating, turbo mode, 36″/914 mm long-sheet option and KODAK NEXPRESS Intelligent Calibration System (ICS) version 3 software.

All NEXPRESS Presses feature Print Genius, a suite of productivity and quality control tools and options that automate tasks and help users maintain peak quality throughout their production run. Detailed product information can be found at, along with video on the NEXPRESS Platform.