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PAGO wins Finat Label Award 2012


FINAT, the worldwide association of the self-adhesive labelling industries domiciled at Den Haag, announced the winners of its 32nd label awards competition at the award ceremony of its annual congress in Athens. Within the group A (Marketing / End-uses) Pago won in the category “Booklet labels” the Finat Label Award for Harmony Fruit & Yoghurt Dessert.

Multifunctional Booklet label

The multilayer, specially shaped Pagoinfoform label is produced inline in letterpress printing process. Thanks to the clever construction and the nice design, the label provides for product decoration, information and tamper evidence. The self-adhesive booklet is applied over the packaging closure and therefore reliably protects the product until its first use. An impeccable perforation allows for the convenient packaging opening. By means of an attractive designed and six coloured printed front side, the consumer is to be animated by the buy of the product. The lower part of the front side is used for data regulated by law, like sale and consumption date, price etc. These variable data are automatically printed onto the labels in the packaging line by a Pagomat. With five pages the label offers comprehensive space for all important information directly on the product. The booklet can be easily opened and reclosed a number of times.