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Polyonics Antistatic Bonding Tapes: Ideal for Die-Cutting and Auto-Application

Polyonics has introduced a family of double coated antistatic tapes that can be easily die cut and auto applied. These unique engineered tapes provide very low tribocharging when applied and removed making them ideal for bonding static sensitive devices (SSD). They are offered in a wide variety of materials, adhesives (PSA) and liners to best suit each application. In addition, the double coated tapes are well suited for applications involving extreme high temperatures and harsh environments including chemical resistance.


polyonics Polyonics double coated, antistatic tapes help eliminate electrostatic charges when bonding static sensitive devices

Traditional tapes can create over 2500 volts/sq-in when their liners are removed. This tribocharging can severely damage static sensitive devices and components by causing an electrostatic discharge (ESD). Polyonics double coated antistatic tapes use TriboGard technology that helps prevent tribocharging. The tapes generate less than 100 v/sq-in when their liners are removed and again when the tapes are removed from substrates. This allows the tapes to be applied and removed without adding any significant electrostatic charges thus preventing the potential of an ESD.

The ability of the Polyonics double coated tapes to be die-cut and auto-applied allows them to be converted into the exact shape required for each bonding application. This greatly reduces both material and labor costs and helps minimize waste. The precise thicknesses of the tapes allow components to be accurately bonded while their thin, conformal bond lines help reduce tolerance stack up and total component and product dimensions.

Tape constructions are offered with 0.5mil (13µm), 1mil (25µm) and 2mil (50µm) polyimide and 2mil polyester (PET) and aluminum. Both amber and black polyimide tapes are available as are white and clear PET. A variety of acrylic and silicone PSAs and liners are also available to suit a wide range of manufacturing processes. Flame retardant, custom constructions (including dissimilar PSAs) and low volume orders are readily accepted.

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