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Printpack announces $72 million investment

New Rhinelander plant slated to open by fall 2013

Printpack Inc. announced Thursday that it plans to expand its operations in Rhinelander substantially–to the tune of $72 million.


The company, which predominately manufactures packaging for food products, made official it’s plans, in the works since January, to build a new facility in Rhinelander, and close existing plants in Rhinelander and Hendersonville, N.C. According to Terry Harper, the company’s Vice-President of Technology and Support, the decision to expand in Rhinelander is a direct result of the company’s positive experience with the workforce they employ locally. The Rhinelander plant employs 138, and the new facility will initially call for between 12 to 15 additional jobs, with room for future expansion. It is estimated that the "brick and mortar" portion of the building will come at an expense of around $32 million, with the remianing $40 million being invested in new technology.


“We have a lot of great experience in Rhinelander since we purchased the plant in 1989,” said Harper. “We have a tremendous workforce in Rhinelander that has always produced extremely well for the company.”

According to a press release put out by Printpack Thursday, the company plans to begin construction of a new plant in Rhinelander in the fall of 2012 as part of its strategy of aggressive reinvestment to improve production efficiency. The transition to the new Rhinelander plant will take place in the second half of 2013.