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WiMotion: another world novelty from POLAR

With its new WiMotion knocking block POLAR shows once again how to optimize the work at the high-speed cutter.
WiMotion is a blend of the words wireless and motion. This special, interlinked knocking block allows positioning the backgauge in a perfectly ergonomic way.

While the operator is locking the material with the knocking block he or she can move the backgauge forward or backward using two keys on the knocking block. This ensures that the material being cut will be locked against the backgauge throughout the backgauge movement. Up to now the operator had to press the material stack against the backgauge with the knocking block while moving the backgauge to the right direction.



The WiMotion allows the operator to fully concentrate on positioning the material direct at the cutting line, rather than look for the right buttons to press. One of the keys allows switching the speed of the backgauge movement over from slow to fast, and vice versa. This is proving once again the practical relevance of POLAR products.
The patent pending WiMotion knocking block can be employed exclusively on the POLAR N PRO high-speed cutters first shown at this drupa. These machines can also be retrofitted later.