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The product authentication and brand security arena is fast-changing, and major brand owners, other manufacturers of consumer and industrial goods, and security solutions providers, all require regular updates on the status quo. Their needs are met annually by AWA Conferences & Events’ annual PABS conference, which takes place this year on 10-11 September in Chicago.

Now the established international forum for product authentication and brand security, the Product Authentication & Brand Security Conference 2012 spans a broad spectrum of key topics covering strategies, implementation, enforcement and litigation, technologies and solutions. Drawing speakers from around the world, it brings together experts on intellectual property, counterfeiting, and product diversion from the legal world and governmental departments; brand owners; and leading-edge solutions providers and security consultants.

The fight against counterfeiting is today conducted on a number of fronts – many of them involving placement of security devices, overt and covert, in and on product packaging. This year, speakers will address in particular fraud activity in foods and wines, the imaging supplies industry, and premium sports shoes. Practical solutions covered will include Luminescence security inks; Kodak security solutions; Prooftag security tags; and WS Packaging RFID solutions. Conference papers will be complemented by an open panel discussion, a tabletop exhibition, and plenty of networking opportunities.

Brand owners interested in learning more about the challenges and solutions of protecting their products from counterfeiting and diversion are invited to attend the conference without charge. Full details of the conference program are available on the AWA website,, where it is also possible to register online.