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Coldpress Juices now stocked in Tesco

The recent addition of the distinctive hexagonal shaped bottle to the Tesco soft drinks aisles is the result of “hard graft” according” to Coldpress Foods Limited’s Managing Director Andrew Gibb. “Our key suppliers have rallied to the cause to ensure our unique pack stands out in a competitive market place. None more so than Systems Labelling.”



With 8 flavours available in both 250ml and 750ml sizes the label design and print is seen as a key element of developing the Coldpress brand. Short deadlines and tight labelling specifications given the unusual bottle shape meant efficient and detailed label supply would be key to meeting retail expectations. A 50 micron polypropylene self-adhesive label printed 5 colours plus an overlaminate provided the best results during product trials.

“I cannot complement Systems Labelling enough from their attention to detail, technical know-how and efficient service all added up to make my life easier.” Paul Byard from Systems Labelling adds “This project proved tricky at the outset given the hexagonal packaging which makes label application a potentially slower and hazardous process. However after running various film and adhesive trials we were able to develop a label fit for purpose. And promotes the key element the contents of the bottle.” The label combination includes a clear PP film overlaminated with an adhesive developed for clarity in order to see the juice colour through the label.

Coldpress use pressure to process the 100% fruit used to make their juices. Heat is not used retaining the vitamins, antioxidants and nutrition whilst extending the typical chilled shelf life when compared to similar products up to 5 months.