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New Aquaproof Orion

An innovative ‘paper-like’ wine and spirits label with film performance

A unique innovation from Avery Dennison has brought new levels of ice-bucket resistance to premium bottle labels. The new Aqua Proof Orion labelling material is the answer to one of the big challenges facing wine and spirit producers: how to ensure that brand image survives intact, even when facing serious end-use challenges.


aquaproof orion

Outstanding wet resistance

Aqua Proof Orion offers the look and feel of a conventional premium paper label, in combination with the greatly improved performance of a film label. Offering the ultimate wet resistance during long periods of ice water immersion, the new product combines Fasson® S2047N adhesivewith a ‘touch and feel’, pearlescent, embossable film – a film that appears like textured paper.

Maintaining authenticity

Uncoated papers and wet-glue labels are still in use because they offer an authentic and familiar brand image to consumers. Unfortunately, moisture absorption means that papers can suffer from wrinkles, pleats and bubbling during prolonged ice bucket immersion, or even simply when a cold bottle stands in warm air. The results include undesirable changes in label whiteness and opacity, and in label dimensional stability.

Aqua Proof Orion eliminates all of these problems, while meeting consumers’ expectations and protecting the brand image of premium products such as champagne, wines, cava, prosecco and spirits.

Reliable conversion, exceptional durability

Many decorative techniques can be used with Aqua Proof Orion, and its paper-like aspect helps converters to reduce stock inventory Рthe material suits a range of different bottles including sparkling wine, still white & ros̩ wines and spirits. Extensive testing using flexo, offset, hotfoil, silk screen and embossing confirms that no tool adaptation is needed.

The new material is also highly resistant to label tearing and scuffing during transport. Printed information remains intact not only after prolonged immersion in ice but also during lengthy storage periods in dark, humid cellar , thanks to excellent resistance to fungi.