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Videojet Technologies Inc., a world-leading manufacturer of coding, printing and laser marking products, fluids and accessories for the product identification industry, announces the availability of the Videojet 8510, a compact inkjet printer specifically designed to meet industrial coding application requirements for the packaging industry. The Videojet 8510 is also marketed under the name Wolke m600 touch in Europe. Offering unmatched ease of operation and maintenance, the Videojet 8510 provides maximum uptime with fast, simple cartridge changes. The Videojet 8510 is ideal for a wide range of primary and secondary coding and marking applications that ensure product integrity. Its touchscreen interface allows operators to access all common operations in five or fewer touches, reducing the learning curve and increasing operator productivity.





Simple Operation, Easy Maintenance

This highly functional, user friendly thermal inkjet printer incorporates the advantages of high resolution HP® printing technology with an 8.4-inch intuitive menu-driven touchscreen interface, ensuring fast, error-free set up. With step-by-step prompting, each job can be input quickly and accurately, enabling packaging operations to better manage short run work with faster turnaround times.

Xavier Chaveton, Director, European Marketing Director Videojet Technologies Inc, says: “Operators can quickly and easily ascertain the status of the printer, verify the print job that is currently loaded, and check cartridge ink levels and other production line data. This printer has been designed with ease of use and reliability in mind. As the job mix migrates toward shorter runs and faster turn times, users must be able to process more jobs in less time to handle increased job throughput. We believe the Videojet 8510 meets those needs superbly.”

In addition to its easy-to-learn icon-based controls, the 600 x 600 dpi high resolution Videojet 8510 inkjet printer features spill-free print cartridges that are easy to change in less than a minute and 100% contained . “Maintenance is as easy as wiping the print head when it becomes dirty and replacing the empty ink cartridge when it runs out,” adds Chaveton.



With no moving parts, the chances of line stoppages and costly maintenance are vastly reduced. Its compact controller and multiple low profile print head options make it perfect for integration into space-constrained locations.

Eliminate Coding Errors

The 8510 incorporates key elements of Videojet’s CLARiSUITE code assurance software, a scalable software solution that reduces human error in message set-up. This includes the CLARiSOFT message template creator that moves the critical task of message template creation away from the production floor. Packaging supervisors can embed rules-based guidelines into specific message fields, thus helping operators choose the correct data when setting up a packaging run and editing the code to be printed.  A built-in web server allows menu navigation from the human machine interface on OEM packaging machinery while a range of communication interfaces allows remote control operation. Its high resolution print is perfect for applications that require optical character recognition (OCR) or optical character verification (OCV) for quality control purposes.


VID_m600touch_connect_300 copy

Ideal for Packaging Line Integration – Scaling with Operations as Needed

Chaveton points out that with an installed base of more than 7,000 TIJ based controllers, Videojet understands the demands placed on packaging professionals due to the dynamic nature of the packaging market, including such things as code quality and code accuracy as well as broader packaging line concerns about throughput and uptime, saying “The Videojet 8510 was specifically designed to address these demands by maximizing the inherent advantages of HP printing technology while truly streamlining the entire operator-printer interaction.”

The Videojet 8510’s compact controller and multiple low profile print head options allows for quick integration into packaging production lines, even in the most space-constrained locations. In addition, because it can drive up to four print heads, operators can easily print barcodes, graphics or multiple lines of text up to 2” high. This makes the system ideal for carton and case printing, web-based traversing printing, and variable printing on labelers across the packaging industry, from pharmaceutical and life sciences to food and consumer goods packaging.

“In just a few weeks of beta testing at food packaging and dairy operations in Europe, customers reported they were enjoying maximum uptime because they did not have to stop production due to printer issues,” says Chaveton. “They also like the simple set up that enables them to save time in between make-ready and the intuitive label creation software and coding technology that reduces costly errors. They are impressed with the quality of the coding as well. Our beta experience demonstrates that the Videojet 8510 delivers higher integrity assurance which is increasingly important as run lengths fall and operations need to complete more jobs per shift."

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About Videojet

Videojet Technologies Inc. is a world-leading manufacturer of coding, printing and laser marking products, fluids, and accessories for the product identification industry. As experts in continuous ink jet (CIJ), thermal ink jet (TIJ), case coding, thermal transfer overprinting (TTO), array, and laser technologies, Videojet has more than 275,000 units installed worldwide. Sales, service, training, administrative and application support is provided by direct operations worldwide, including Austria, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey and the United Kingdom, with more than 250 direct sales and service personnel in the United States alone. Videojet’s distribution network includes more than 175 distributors and OEMs, serving 135 countries.