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In 2011, the famous French Champagne producer G.H. MUMM bought a labelling machine being the top of P.E. LABELLERS’ range, i.e.  a labeller of modular design equipped with five stations being installed on a carriage and working simultaneously, as well as a non-stop system that allows the highest operativeness, productivity and effectiveness level to be achieved.


pe labellers


Along with a self-adhesive non-stop system, this labeller avails itself of the best P.E. LABELLERS cold melt glue system, modular stations being replaced in case of need, i.e. when another type of label depending upon the different bottle packaging is required, as well as a centring system using photoelectric cells and being a perfect solution to ensure the highest accuracy level in terms of container orientation and later label application.

The orientation system of this machine is supported by a plate-handling servo drive system; this system can be programmed and called up by a control panel, in order the user to be in a position to easily and quickly choose the type of the package to be processed. The result is a machine able to meet any customer needs.