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Pilot Italia chooses the PRATI VEGAplus LF530 label finishing system

Pilot Italia SpA, a leading producer of high quality labels, has recently opened a new plant in Cornate D'Adda (province of Monza and Brianza) covering an area of 20,000 square metres. At the same time it has purchased two major production units: a 520 mm web width offset line and a PRATI VEGAplus LF530 system, which will increase the company's production capacity. Pilot already has three PRATI inspection systems and, based on its excellent experience so far, has decided to continue its collaboration with the specialised label finishing company.


Pilot Italia will make the most of the VEGAplus modular system, which allows it to be adapted to changing market requirements. "We have been particularly impressed by the processing speed of this machine, a feature which is essential to keep up with the speed of the offset machine," comments Andrea Vimercati, the company's sales manager. "But there is another feature that makes it unique and innovative: the modular construction of the machine, which allows the addition of die-cutting, an inkjet system for numbering labels or flexo printing heads."

VEGAplus systems feature a completely modular design and can be assembled according to customer requirements. They are fitted with an unwinding system for reels measuring 1 metre in diameter and a reel lifting unit. The die-cutting module can be fitted with two die-cutting stations and, optionally, with an automatic register control system. The inspection module with camera ensures 100% defect control. The rewinding module can be single shaft or have two independent shafts or a turret unit, as required by the user.

"Thanks to these features, the VEGAplus can grow as our workload grows, allowing us to tune our investment to the increase in turnover."


PRA_Vegaplus@Pilot Antonio Panariti, Technical Manager, on the left, and Andrea Dellepiane, Quality Control, are checking the VEGAplus work.


At Pilot Italia, the VEGAplus LF530 system (for widths of up to 530 mm) cuts and winds large pre-printed reels, creating smaller reels with great precision. The camera control system, which immediately identifies defective labels and stops the machine at the right place, is particularly important in this respect. In addition to paper labels, foils, self-adhesive labels, single or multiple component materials for flexible labels and packaging are produced using the VEGAplus LF530 system.

With a turnover of 20 million Euros and 100 employees, Pilot Italia has a range of printing systems that includes offset, letterpress, screen, flexographic, hot, cold and foil printing, laminating systems and three inspection systems: PRATI JUPITER TC 400, TC 450 and SATURN TE400, in addition to the new systems installed. "The new production units complete the range of printing equipment, which is the widest range of printing technologies installed on a single site," continues Vimercati. "This range of machines gives us a unique label production potential in Italy: we can produce anything from the simplest label to a twelve-colour label, all to the high quality standards our customers have come to expect."

The new production site allows Pilot Italia to work more efficiently thanks to the rationalisation of production processes that were previously spread across three sites. This allows the company to produce less waste and create more added value for its products. "We have already achieved some excellent results and have in fact reduced our waste to 0.02%. The PRATI label inspection  systems, and the VEGAplus system in particular, play an essential part in achieving this result", concludes Vimercati. "Now we are a more competitive company, young and ready to take on new challenges."